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James Brady

Death Triggers Homicide Investigation

8/8/2014 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The FBI, U.S. Attorney and Washington D.C. PD have opened a homicide investigation into the death of former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady who died this week ... 33 years after he was shot.

It's a weird turn ... John Hinckley Jr. shot Brady and Reagan outside a hotel in 1981, paralyzing the Press Secretary and seriously wounding the President.

Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and the legal experts we spoke with say it is NOT a case of double jeopardy. Hinckley was charged with assault with intent to kill when he was tried. Murder is a separate crime. 

Nonetheless ... a D.C. police spokesman confirms with TMZ the 3 agencies are conducting an investigation.


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Great....more waste of the tax payers money! And no, I'm not some stupid lib

75 days ago


total waste of time and resources!!! this is the dumb fk era of all dumb fk eras!!

75 days ago


This is ridiculous! There are FAR WORSE (and much more recent) crimes being committed everyday throughout this country and yet no less than THREE law agencies are going to spend taxpayer dollars on THIS??!! Priorities people!

75 days ago


The investigation is nonsense and just being used to get someone's name in the media. Normally, if the person doesn't die within 1 year of the 'attack', that's it. 33 years is ludicrous.

75 days ago


I had a feeling this might happen. The G Men are pretty upset that the man that shot the President is allowed to walk around free as a bird. Being convicted of murder would stop that cold. And it's not that far fetched because there is precedent for this kind of thing.

75 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Justice at last!!!

75 days ago


HINCKLEY WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY!!!!!!! Even if Hinckley had killed Reagan and Brady when he fired those shots, he would have been found not guilty due to his deranged state of mind at the time he pulled the trigger. The outcome of Hinckley's act is irrelevant then or now. I am a brilliant criminal defense attorney.

75 days ago


so in other words some big wig wants to put their name in the history book by trying him for murder

75 days ago


No lawyer here but do know a few things.

No statute of limitations on murder. However, any prosecution of Hinkley is going to have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brady's death was the result of his being shot 30 some years ago.

Brady was 73, as a result of his brain injury he suffered from seizures. If his death was the result of a seizure that is a direct and proximate cause of being shot in the head.

As I understand it, Hinkley is still locked up in a psychiatric hospital, and after all these years will probably never get out, and is still incompetent to stand trial.

I'm wondering if this is some political move for more gun control.

I am not sure, and I wish some real attorney would enlighten me and others here - - if there is a catastrophic injury, and the victim eventually dies, isn't there some time frame for establishing a homicide? 30 some years seems a long time to pin this all on the original injury.

75 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

There was just a report that they ruled it a homicide

75 days ago


The only reason John Hinkley didn't go to prison is because his extremely wealthy parents were able to hiret the best attorneys possible. It's about time he goes to prison where he belongs. It's 33 years overdue.

75 days ago


Brady SURVIVED the shooting. It doesn't get any more clearer than that.

75 days ago


The fact that James Brady survived the injury is amazing. The bullet passed through both sides of his brain. It is very rare that anyone survives that injury initially, much less than 33 years!

75 days ago


I'm sorry, he should have been punished more, but this whole thing weirds me out. It seems like a violation of double jeopardy. I know they are charging him with something else, but still.

What if they did this to the average person? Like some teenager is driving like an idiot, has an accident and paralyzes someone. They are sentenced and serve their time. The person that was paralyzed dies years later and they charge a now 40 year old father of 2 with vehicular homicide? It would be soo creepy if they started doing that. Also, they could just keep charging you as long as it is a little different until they win the case. I mean, think of when someone is innocent and some overzealous DA just keeps charging them. Sorry, this is creeping me the heck out. This seems like something other countries do, but not ours. It may suck sometimes, but we have these laws and rights in place for a reason.

75 days ago


Mr hinckley shot at the president and injured a few ppl including mr Brady, he ruined his career and his health,he deserves to go jail and not the looney house where he gets privileges to visit his mother and spend time outside the hospital.

75 days ago
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