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James Brady

Death Triggers Homicide Investigation

8/8/2014 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The FBI, U.S. Attorney and Washington D.C. PD have opened a homicide investigation into the death of former Reagan Press Secretary James Brady who died this week ... 33 years after he was shot.

It's a weird turn ... John Hinckley Jr. shot Brady and Reagan outside a hotel in 1981, paralyzing the Press Secretary and seriously wounding the President.

Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and the legal experts we spoke with say it is NOT a case of double jeopardy. Hinckley was charged with assault with intent to kill when he was tried. Murder is a separate crime. 

Nonetheless ... a D.C. police spokesman confirms with TMZ the 3 agencies are conducting an investigation.


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The man's in a mental institution and probably will be until his dying day. Not understanding the logic behind this

43 days ago


For the sake of justice, great. James Brady's life was ruined yet he became an American hero for gun control. Hinkley, that douche. Bought a $29 pawn shot hand gun, got 6 shots off in 2 seconds. Nearly killed James Brady (now homicide, accurate); nearly killed a president and injured a third man. And yet he was acquitted due to "insanity!" An effing joke. Give him the chair. Slowly.

43 days ago


This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read. They're just looking for a way to keep Hinckley locked up forever.

43 days ago

Carla G.    

Prayers to the Brady family. John Hinckley is another story. Hope his punishment is swift and severe, now that he's no longer 'insane'!

43 days ago

Laura j    

Why use more tax payers money for another case when the man is going to be locked away till his death anyway??

43 days ago


He was already found mentally defective at the time of the shooting, the fact that Brady died of his injuries doesn't change that, retrying Hinckley wouldn't change his state of mind during the event.

43 days ago


The man died of old age!

43 days ago


a medical examiner wants to have his 15 minutes so he pulls this and besides, it's a great diversion from what's happening to American's today, suffering atrocities from law enforcement and the mentally ill, who really run this country

43 days ago


Sounds like yet another government waste of money.


43 days ago


I think many people are confusing:
1. INCOMPETENT TO STAND TRIAL: This is when a defendant cannot assist his defense counsel or himself in his defense due to mental defect.
2. NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY: This focuses on the time of the event. People must form an intent to commit a crime. It is called "Mens rea". It is a legal term that means: "guilty mind".
Hinckley was found to be #2 so he CANNOT be tried again.

43 days ago


I'm sorry this good man had to live like this for 33 years. RIP Sir.

43 days ago


this is just stupid. anyone with minimal knowledge of the law in this country would know based on the first assessment of insanity e.g. the reason he did NOT go to prison but rather an institution for shooting the president. if he was deemed insane at the time for that he CANNOT be tried now because he shot both men at the same time, the same time the court system found him not be sane, of "diminished capacity." when they did that, made that judgment they closed the book and they can't legally reopen that book, NOT EVER. legally its just the way it is for right or wrong.

43 days ago


Wondering if by ruling his death a homicide gives the family some sort of government funds that they wouldn't get if his death was of natural causes? Anyone know?

43 days ago


Omg let it go

43 days ago


But there is now an ABUNDANCE of new evidence for a conspiracy inthe attemtped killing of Reagan.

would the new evidence be another legal method for prosecution and trial?

for example
the whole Jodie foster thing was a fake (likely written By Cia man and Watergate burgler E. Howard Hunt who wrote a diary found inthe apartment of the Guy who shot George Wallace (which became the basis for the movie Taxi Driver) and we now have the evidence that shows it.

We also know Hinckley's father directly heavily campaigned for George Bush for President and they were in the oil business together. (Hinckley's dad was president of Vanderbiltoil in Texas and worked with George Bush). We also know Neil Bush (George bush's son) was to have dinner with John hinckley's brother theday after tyhe shooting. (reported live on NBC news by their anchor at the time John chancellor.)

for summaries of this evidence see

the book Bush:Family of Secrets by Russ Baker

it is all summarized with pictures here

and more info


and here

42 days ago
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