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MIchael Jackson

Maids Say Neverland Mansion

Laced with Pee and Poop

8/10/2014 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson threatened his staff with animal poop balls ... and would freely piss all over the house ... so claim 3 former Neverland maids.

The 3 maids spoke with the New York Post, but did not want their names revealed.  They tell scatological stories that paint a shocking tale of uncleanliness.  One maid says when the urge hit, MJ would just unzip his pants and pee in the grand entry of Neverland.  

The maids were shocked, because when guests like Oprah or Elizabeth Taylor would visit the floors would be waxed but all they could think of is ... they're stepping where Michael took a wiz.

Another maid says Jackson would track in animal poop from his mini-farm on the property and then threaten to throw poop snowballs at the help.

The maids say Jackson lived like a pig ... his bedroom was littered with half-eaten chicken, potato chips, empty wine and whiskey bottles.  One maid said it was so bad, the place was infested with bedbugs.

And there's this ... one maid claims, when MJ would see pictures of the Jackson 5 in magazines, he send someone out to collect as many as they could and then he'd shred them, saying, "Yuck, they don't deserve to have my name.  They are gutless moochers.  I'm the only star.  They should be cleaning my shoes."


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holy crap.

42 days ago


This sounds like bull s**t, I don't believe it.

42 days ago


FYI Bedbugs are not attracted to dirt and uneaten food. They can be brought in as hitchhikers on the clothing of other people etc...

42 days ago


It's amazing how many people come out of the woodwork to talk smack, once someone isn't capable of defending themselves.

42 days ago


Harvey acts as if he doesn't pee or poop. Gimme a break. The maids could have quit whenever they liked. They stuck around because they felt they were well compensated for the job. So STFU. Truth.

42 days ago


For god sake ... Let this man rest in peace. There "maids" probably never worked there and are just looking for a handout... Probably not even US citizens... Give it up and get a job and leave that family alone

42 days ago


Blue Ugly hasn't posted for a few days now. At t the same time the other opinionated frequent poster Sexy Stig stopped posting. Coincidence? Could the infamous troll have an imaginary pal of alias?is he/ they locked up in the slammer or the bin? Inquiring minds want to know...

42 days ago



42 days ago


Michael was a radical so I am not surprised that he would pee out in the open. It is his private land. Also, the part about him threatening to throw animal poop balls at them sound very much like a joke. No one cares maids, find something in your lives to make you feel important, go volunteer or something instead of these stupid Michael stories.

42 days ago


Oh shut the hell up already. Sick of these b.s stories.

42 days ago


I love the people who defend MJ. They actually make me laugh. If you ever saw pictures of the bathroom and closet and stuff at the mansion where he might change your mind. The one picture that stands out in my mind the most is the one of the bathroom where he threw an empty toilet paper roll on the floor next to the toilet. He was a slob and pictures that have been shown prove it.

42 days ago


Y mas y mas y mas mentiras

42 days ago


Please let this man RIP!!! All these money hungry leeches get a job and shut the #€££ up!!!

42 days ago


Slow day, huh Harvey?

42 days ago


Son gentuza, hay mucha gente que vivió con el hasta ultima hora y eso solo son falsedades a cambio de unas monedillas sucias.

42 days ago
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