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Candy Spelling

Bieber Can Move Into My Building ...

I'm Too High to Care!

8/18/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081314_candy_spelling_launchWhen you own two whole floors in a condo building, why would you care who moves below? That's Candy Spelling's thinking when it comes to the possibility of having Justin Bieber as a neighbor.

Bieber is moving out of his Bev Hills condo and we're told he's considering moving into the uber-expensive Century City building Candy calls home.  Candy forked over $47 million for the top two floors of The Century.

On her way out of Craig's in West Hollywood ... Candy told our photog she couldn't care less about Bieber moving in because ... well, he'd kinda be low rent.

Smoke rises, Candy. Just sayin'.


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32 days ago


Gross... killed my appetite. Please put a warning label on videos of 60-year-old ladies next time please. Truth.

32 days ago
3. Booboo.....stick ya head in doodoo    


32 days ago

Unbroken Chain    


32 days ago


If she can't handle Tori, she can't handle JB and company...

32 days ago


He moved last week.

6425 Weidlake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Seriously you should just shut your site down on the weekends.

32 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

except for when you live on the top of the heap of pile of a trillion poor people who litter the streets of LA, begging everyone for a dollar or for a quarter, then your flashy condo may as well be a freakin roach infested dump. it does not really make a difference. but thank god for our great immigration policies. really. all those jobs americans don't want to do, finally someone is doing them. some hard working modest, manageable, well mannered folk are doing all that work that white americans imagined themselves 'too good for'. what a wonderful fairy tale. she may as well move the homeless shelter into her condo. it's only a matter of time.

32 days ago


Watched an episode of her old reality show a while back.....OMG, this woman is a pathetic , egocentric empty-headed waste of space. All she kept talking about is how her new crazy ass expensive cabinet doorknobs, that she flew ALL the way to New York for, were making her emotional. She actually cried because she thought they were so beautiful! DOORKNOBS!? Never laughed so hard. Useless broad. Kept going on and on and on about 'her' this and 'her' that when referring to her life with Aaron Spelling, he was merely a huge paycheck and a second thought. Ya, ya, she gives to charity, makes her look good. She is a joke.

32 days ago


Typical response from someone self-absorbed. Why would she care about anyone else in the building putting up with Justin's BS. It's all about Candy!

32 days ago

Don DeLuxxe    

The stink and stench from his lowlife friends will waft upwards from the lobby.

Piss stains on the side of the building from his bro friends.

Turds in the elevator.

Not so never mind now , is it Candee?

32 days ago

Edddie Nash    

Little known Candy Spelling fact: She has been good friends with Comedian Paul Mooney for nearly 50 years. They worked at a shoe store in Beverly Hills together in the 60's. Paul would ask who is the old ugly white man that visits you? The man turned out to be Aaron Spelling.

32 days ago


Shes so adorable!!!! Really cute !!

31 days ago


Wait until she smells Bieber's urine in the elevator. She will want to send him back to Canada.

31 days ago


Wait til she sees his friends coming and going in the valet, restaurant, ect.. she must have dementia not to care.

31 days ago


Don't shorten your life Candy by being out of it, and you also don't want the tornado invasion then leaving 'disaster' behind and moving out

27 days ago

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