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Michelle Duggar

Transgender People Should Not Get Choice of Restrooms

8/19/2014 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Duggar Anti TransgenderMichelle Duggar is convinced ... child predators are aiming to use the cover of being a transgender to hurt children ... and she's determined to stop them in their tracks.

The "19 Kids and Counting" star is on the warpath against a proposed Arkansas law that would allow transgender people to use either the men's or women's bathroom -- whichever they feel suits them best.

Duggar thinks convicted male child molesters will have a field day if the law passes ... simply dressing up like a woman and perving out in girls restrooms.  

She doesn't want her 9 girls subjected to men leering at them in their private space -- so she's voiced a robocall to AR voters urging them to vote no ... and it's fascinating.


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Unbroken Chain    

If you have a wiener use the men's room

44 days ago

She Says    

This woman is truly suppressed and is raising a generation of suppressed children. She is completely uneducated and an imbecile. She is categorizing all transgendered people as potential pedophiles. What does she recommend? Should we all have our genitals examined prior to entering a washroom? Idiot.

44 days ago


And exactly why why should ANYONE care what one of the freak show Duggar's think or care about?

44 days ago


With respect to those who hormonally feel that they are not the gender their parts designate them to be, I want people to live as they please. However whenever folks use the public restrooms, they should have the reassurance that others sharing that space have the same equipment. It's about what's physically present, not emotionally in this case

44 days ago



44 days ago


The title of this story made me so upset... Until I read it. Very diseaving title. People who truly identify as the opposite sex should use the restroom that they feel is right for them. But slime ball perverts, who are not actually transgendered, will somehow take advantage of this law. I understand what she means, and I think she has a point.

44 days ago


I'm from Pennsylvania and I totally agree with Michelle on this issue. It's appalling to me that men or women want to use a public restroom that clearly is not built for their sex, They were born as a specific gender. I could care less how they live their lives in private and in public as the gender they chose....I think that's definitely their choice and right. But being in a public restroom with little girls as grown men is disgustingly disturbing to me. Michelle...I pray you get all the support you need to block this issue from happening.

44 days ago


Close your lips lady. Both sets.

44 days ago


She has a point, however, she doesn't realize there are natural born men who could walk into the men's room and hurt her sons.

44 days ago

You better you better you bet     

Keep your penises out of the ladies room and vice versa

44 days ago


Imagine what that pu$$y looks tike!!! He's probably beating it right now

44 days ago


Nice job bleeping the number but leaving the website, I'm sure that's one busy website now.

44 days ago


How many of you actually read and comprehend the entire story? Please reread before you comment.

43 days ago


Shut up and stopbreeding

43 days ago


I agree get em girl

43 days ago
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