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Michelle Duggar

Transgender People Should Not Get Choice of Restrooms

8/19/2014 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Duggar Anti TransgenderMichelle Duggar is convinced ... child predators are aiming to use the cover of being a transgender to hurt children ... and she's determined to stop them in their tracks.

The "19 Kids and Counting" star is on the warpath against a proposed Arkansas law that would allow transgender people to use either the men's or women's bathroom -- whichever they feel suits them best.

Duggar thinks convicted male child molesters will have a field day if the law passes ... simply dressing up like a woman and perving out in girls restrooms.  

She doesn't want her 9 girls subjected to men leering at them in their private space -- so she's voiced a robocall to AR voters urging them to vote no ... and it's fascinating.


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Totally agree with Michelle.
The restrooms are assigned by sex not gender.

If you're born with male genitalia and have XY chromosomes use the Male restroom.

People with female genitalia and XX chromosomes should use the female restrooms.

28 days ago


Wow, it's rare to see such ignorance and bigotry on the internet at this %. Sure there's a few jerks, but what the f is wrong with you people?

-Are heterosexual child molestors inherently incapable of restraint, while the large amount of homosexual ones get along in the mens room just fine with your children?

-I'm sure every last one of you would freak the f out if you saw Buck Angel in the woman's restroom. Him saying 'oh, I have a vagina' would really make you say 'oh ok, you belong here then'? Of course not, this is just more of the 'all men are child molesters' cancer.

-There's tons of unisex bathrooms in the world, funny how they haven't been banned since all the perverted men rape a woman in there every day. I mean you read about it on the news every day right? Oh what's that, you NEVER do? And this isn't even unisex, it's only for people who dress and identify as a woman anyway.

-Not to mention no one has ever satisfactorily explained why "separate but equal" bathrooms are discriminatory if the segregation is based on race, but not if gender based. Only arguments are bs like tradition, or this ridiculous notion that urinating and defecating stands alone as the only activity men and women can't do together because men are all perverts and this situation will make them suddenly harm women. Grow up.

-The system is already massively biased towards 'guilt on accusation' when it comes to men doing something to women, so there's already plenty of recourse if some guy is behaving inappropriately towards your kid. Being in the same bathroom neither invalidates that nor makes inappropriate behavior more likely.

This 'all men are to be treated as child molesters until proven otherwise' culture is actually harmful.

28 days ago


Ummm what about the male child molesters that like little boys. Maybe we should just make separate bathrooms for child molesters only. I'm sure they would use them.

28 days ago


I can't believe I agree with her but I do...she is correct and warrant in her beliefs. I say use the family single rest room or wheelchair restroom that is private.

28 days ago


Wow!! Let's force her to use a Mans bathroom and see how she feels! Are we really doing segregation all over again people!?!? I hope one of her 19+ kids is trans so they can teach her a thing or two about not being an ignorant hoebag!

28 days ago


You'd think a mother of 19 would have more pressing concerns than this. Next she should push to establish separate beaches for men and women. Because god knows girls aren't wearing much at the beach, and anybody who is sexually attracted to females will obviously just naturally assault one if they aren't fully dressed. Once we establish the men's and women's beaches, we will make sure that the transgenders can't cross lines, because it would be SO DANGEROUS!

28 days ago


This woman with the clown car uterus should only talk thru her va gi na Transgendered only want to use a bathroom and not get beat up. She is fear mongering , and not even in her own town. She and her husband are grifter, grifters, grifters, who are sex obsessed. Freedom to be stoopid, America. THAT we are indeed exceptional at!

28 days ago



28 days ago


Let's put transgender people before the safety of children because they're more important lets create a dangerous environment for children that's the way to go

28 days ago


She might have a point, but at the same time this is coming from a woman who is sensitive to PDA from heterosexuals.

28 days ago


All you need to to is educate your children. If they haven't already educated their selfs from viewing the internet.

28 days ago

Grim reaper    

Men stay men women stay women stop being damn fruit loops

28 days ago


Simple as this so worry dont let ur child under 13 go by them self ! My boys get mad cuz they go to gurl restrooms lol but I don't care intill there big enough to fight back .

28 days ago


This lady needs to stop using her kids as a gravy train and get a life. You hear all the time what cameras in a house do to kids yet she continues to use her kids as a paycheck, housekeeper, babysitter, and to raise her own kids. Cuz lets be honest with 19 kids and a TV show how much actuall time does she have to spend with the kids. There is no way she can spend even an hour a day with each one of them???? That is supposed to be a great upbrigging???

I hope these guys get whats coming to them sooner rather than later.....

28 days ago


I agree with her!

28 days ago
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