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Alec Baldwin

Photog Claims ...

I Could've Had Him Arrested

8/31/2014 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

083114_baldwin_launchThe photographer who got into it with Alec Baldwin in the Hamptons on Sunday claims police were prepared to arrest Alec ... until he decided to let it all go. 

As TMZ first reported, Alec went ballistic on a photog who was shooting him with his wife, Hilaria and kid in a park.

The camera guy in question (his name is Matt) says he was shooting the Baldwins from far away when Hilaria, Alec's wife, started screaming at him -- and before long, he claims Alec started pushing and shoving him. 

Matt claims the first officer on the scene saw Alec grab him and put him in a headlock -- and the officer was ready to arrest Alec on the spot, but Matt says he told the cop he did not want to press charges.

TMZ also spoke with a close friend of the Baldwins ... who says the whole headlock claim is total BS. The friend also questioned the pap's credibility because he called Hilaria a "bitch" and a "whore" when she attempted to protect her child from the photog.

East Hampton PD had no comment about the incident.


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52 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

He didn't press charges because he got that epic photo of Alec in mid-rage.
Can't someone contain Alec?
His wife is not that attractive.
And screaming in front of the baby, how klassy!!!
Alec also looks REALLY bad here--photoshop is his friend.

52 days ago


Alec you are such a douche I don't even know why they want your picture nobody gives a **** about you or your pathetic wife. I thought you promised to move to Canada what the hell are you still here for? Fricken big mouth moron.

52 days ago


She must've taken on some of his characteristics. Yelling in front of their baby like. He looks beyond enraged. Poor baby looks used to it, though. She is going to be traumatized for life, at this rate.

52 days ago


I didn't click on that video because what I want to see ain't there. TMZ you need to post footage of Alec getting his butt kicked in public.

52 days ago


That poor baby.

52 days ago


His wife posts pictures of her herself in weird yoga poses almost daily. If privacy is so important to her, she would stop doing that. I think she likes the attention and enjoys seeing Alec fly into a rage.

52 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

That wife of Alec's is as DUMB as dirt. She knows her husband is volatile, immature and a hot head, yet dummy, instead of ignoring the photographer starts screaming at him, starting the entire fracas. Mark down the day I said this: Alec will end up in jail one day soon and it will all start over that wife of his, who is without any common sense.

52 days ago


Hey, Alec - it's called a "disguise". Look into it.

52 days ago


Alec do everybody a big favor and kill yourself.

52 days ago


Now see this one is a little different. If some stranger, photog or not, was taking pictures of my kid in the park, I would go ballistic too. Is it a photog or some perv.? Paps need to stop taking pictures of celebrities kids without their permission. I'm sure it is beyond creepy for them.

52 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Alec and his wife need to stop screaming in front of their infant child! You are a celeb in the Hamptons. What the heck do you expect from the papps! Stay the heck at home on your property or select a location where papps are not thirsty. It is just a picture, get over it already, you cause so much hassle for yourself Alec. Leave the biz if you don't like the territory that goes within. Plenty of celebs manage going under their radar. Dumb dumb,you bring drama on yourself. Geesh.

52 days ago


Alec wife seems like a real stuck up c*nt who likes to instigate fights and get Alec riled up and attack photographers.

52 days ago


And this is why I'll never get a Capital One card...

52 days ago


that child is amazingly calm considering her father is acting demented, but maybe to her this is just a normal day with Alex

52 days ago
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