Ben Affleck I'll Take Detroit Over Vegas Because They Let Me Play Blackjack!

9/19/2014 12:50 AM PDT
Ben Affleck may not be welcome at the blackjack tables in Vegas, but Detroit can't afford to be that picky ... so he set up shop there!

We got this pic of Ben at the blackjack table at MotorCity Casino Hotel last Friday ... where Ben played high-stakes games for a few hours.

TMZ broke the story ... Affleck was blackjack banned for life at the Hard Rock in Vegas for counting cards. Ben says Hard Rock can join the crowd, because he's persona non grata at blackjack tables in numerous other Vegas casinos.

But not so in Detroit. Our spies say Ben had $30K worth of chips at one time. We don't know the bottom line at the end of the evening.

Affleck's in town shooting the new "Batman V Superman" movie and was spotted at the MotorCity. The actor -- who says he's not a compulsive gambler -- was also at the casino Saturday.

We're assuming he was counting cards. Come on, Ben ... Detroit needs that money!