Ben Affleck Play Blackjack Downtown ... You Can Count on Us!

5/6/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Ben Affleck -- Play Blackjack Downtown, You Can Count on Us!


Ben Affleck
can keep doubling down and splitting Aces in Sin City ... because he just got offered a blackjack safe haven where he won't be 86'd for card counting.

Derek Stevens owns The D Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel in downtown Vegas -- and he wants Ben to bring his chips from the strip without worrying about getting swooped up by security.

TMZ broke the story -- Ben was escorted out of the Hard Rock Casino last week after security labeled him an "advantage player," believing he was counting cards in blackjack.

Stevens tells us, "The D Las Vegas is not afraid of Ben Affleck winning a few hands in a row," adding, "Ben can come play blackjack and not worry about security walking him out!"

Heading off the strip doesn't mean you lose whale status -- The D can accommodate high rollers up to $10K per hand.

Plus Golden Gate has the best $2.99 shrimp cocktail in town.  It used to be $1.99 -- damn inflation.