Dan Bilzerian Giant Douchemobile Attracts Chicks ... But Also Cops

12/4/2014 10:00 AM PST
The Most Interesting Man on Instagram got nailed by cops who found Dan Bilzerian's tricked out 6x6 off-road truck a little too interesting to be street legal.

Bilzerian got pulled over by a LA. County Sheriff's deputy the other day ... on his way to catch a private jet to Miami for Art Basel. The ticket? DWD -- driving while douchey. 

Okay, that's not entirely accurate -- he was actually nailed for having off-road lighting on his massive customized Mercedes G Wagon ... which is a no-no when driving ON roads. 

We're told it's a $300 fix-it ticket -- and we're pretty sure Dan will pay that everyday. As long as the SUV (a BRABUS B63S 6x6 700) keeps helping him pull chicks like it did in Hollywood the other night.