Scott Disick Just Call Me Flipper ... The Lord Gets a 9 to 5

1/1/2015 7:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details
No longer will Scott Disick simply suckle off the Kardashian teet -- he's actually putting in an honest day's work ... as a Beverly Hills house flipper. 

According to our sources, Disick scooped up a five-bedroom, six-bath house in BH recently. There have been reports Kourtney Kardashian finally kicked Scott to the curb -- and this would be his new bachelor pad ... but it's actually his first flipping project.  

We're told Scott is bringing in a full design team to redo most of the place -- in hopes of eventually turning a profit -- and some of the K Krew is also pitching in to help.  

Our sources say Scott wants to make house flipping his new steady source of cash -- and he could get a major bonus out of it. The 'Keeping Up' cameras have been shooting his work on the house, and there's talk of a possible spin-off focusing on his design adventures.

Lord help us.