Chickadee I'm Gonna Pull a Honey Boo Boo With My Own Show

1/7/2015 1:00 AM PST

Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell wants to pick up where her little sis left off, because we've learned she's shopping her very own reality show. 

Chickadee tells us she's hired an agent who's pitching a family-centric show, but not Mama June's family. Chickadee wants the show to revolve around her small brood -- her, her hubby and their kid.

They think they can create compelling TV around their day-to-day life, which includes hunting, fishing and figuring out how two 20-year-olds can survive in a cold, cruel world.

As for June ... Chickadee says her mama can make occasional appearances along with the rest of the family, but they won't steer the ship.  

And Chickadee says Mark McDaniel -- the man who sexually assaulted her when he was June's boyfriend -- will be fair game.

No bites yet, but there have been worse ideas ...