Mama June Reunites With Chickadee But Not For Free

12/28/2014 1:00 AM PST

Mama June Reunites With Chickadee ... But Not For Free

Mama June and Chickadee's feud over money and Mark McDaniel is over after they smoked the peace pipe this weekend -- a very expensive peace pipe. 

June tells TMZ ... she and her daughter Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell started squashing their beef once June forked over a check for $15,400 -- the remaining cash from Anna's trust fund. 

Anna had accused June of swiping money from the account, but June says it was only dwindling because she was using it to pay Chickadee's expenses -- mobile phone bill, spending money, and rent (she has her own place). 

June basically did Anna a solid by cashing out the trust fund -- which Anna couldn't touch yet because she's only 20.

As for McDaniel -- June's ex-bf convicted of molesting Chickadee -- June told her daughter and the whole family she hasn't seen him since September, and plans to keep it that way.  

June tells us she knows they won't be able to completely patch things up overnight -- but says she video chats with Chickadee twice a day, and they've agreed to "move on." One positive sign -- Chickadee brought her daughter Kaitlyn to hang with June -- which she previously refused to do.