Farrah Abraham On Her Way to Becoming Dr. Backdoor Teen Mom

4/12/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Farrah Abraham
doesn't have the proper resumé to be a plastic surgeon but she's actually getting off the pole in an attempt to make it happen ... in the form of an apprenticeship.

The former "Teen Mom" star -- who told us last week about this new career goal -- will be sitting in on various cosmetic procedures with her new mentor, Dr. Sergio Alvarez.

Dr. Alvarez tells TMZ Farrah will shadow him this summer at his Miami medical office. She will have a front row seat to a butt lift, nose job, and the all-encompassing "Mommy Makeover" -- tummy tuck, boob job and lipo.

Farrah tells us she's excited and thinks her personal experiences (we assume she means the plastic surgery and not her sex tape) will help her help others. 

Becoming an actual plastic surgeon takes a lot longer than nine months, so we'll see if she actually follows through with it.