Riff Raff My Codeine Castle More Purple Than Prince

9/30/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Riff Raff's moving into a Las Vegas home fit for a Purple Icon.

The rapper says he'll coronate the 5 bedroom home, "The Codeine Castle."  Its "Beetlejuice"-like purple interiors are pretty spectacular. There's even a purple weight room ...  perfect since he's been beefin' up in the muscle dept.

There's a basketball court and an oasis pool with a waterfall, slide, mini-beach, and a swim-up BBQ and bar. There's also a huge yard for his two huskies ... Kody and Jody.

Jody Highroller, aka Riff Raff, isn't quite yet the proud owner of the $1.299 million home -- it's still in escrow.

Only thing missing ... neon aquaberry Versace pillows.