Mobb Deep's Prodigy Our Label Got it Twisted ... They're Jacking My Solo Royalties

11/9/2015 4:17 PM PST

One half of Mobb Deep is losing money by the stacks, and he says it's all because their record label is confusing the group deal with his solo hustle. 

According to the docs ... Prodigy and Mobb Deep's other member Havoc entered into a contract with Universal Music back in 1995, when it was still BMG. Under the contract, the rap duo handed over half of all profits from future albums and songs, but Prodigy says the deal did NOT cover music he made outside the group.

Prodigy says the label's continued to skim 50% of royalties from his solo projects, and songs he wrote for other artists. In all he's lost $57,489, according to the suit.

He's suing for all the money, plus his attorney fees.