Scott Disick I Bought a Kardashian-Adjacent House ... To Maintain My Sobriety

1/6/2016 4:04 PM PST

Scott Disick had a very specific reason for buying a house near the Kardashian klan ... he wants them to help him stay sober ... for his sake and the sake of his kids.

Our Kardashian sources tell us, stories that Scott bought a $6 million bachelor pad are ridiculous. It's not a bachelor pad ... it's a family home in Hidden Hills, a suburban, upscale area populated with families.

His home is within miles of Kourtney's home and the other Kardashians. Aside from being close to the kids, Scott wants to use the family as a support system to maintain his sobriety.

As for the house, he paid $5.96 mil -- with the help of realtor Tomer Fridman -- and closed at the end of December. It's 8,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms and a sick pool. It also has a wine cellar ... maybe he should turn that into a game room.