Eagles Randy Meisner Cleared in Wife's Shooting Death

3/7/2016 8:12 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Former Eagles member Randy Meisner has been cleared in the bizarre shooting death of his wife.

As we reported, Lana Meisner died Sunday night from a gunshot wound ... this after she had called 911 an hour and a half earlier to report domestic violence. She claimed Randy was waiving a BB gun.

LAPD detectives have concluded she accidentally shot herself. It seems weird, because police say she was "moving a rifle that was stored inside the closet" when it accidentally went off. It's a little odd as to why she would be "moving" a rifle less than 2 hours after calling 911, reporting domestic violence.

Law enforcement sources tell us the gun discharged inside the soft gun case, and the trajectory of the bullet was enough for cops to conclude Randy was not involved.