Randy Meisner I'll Get By with Help From Friends ... NOT My Kids

3/15/2016 11:48 AM PDT

Randy Meisner's kids are just waiting to pounce now that his wife is dead ... according to the ex-Eagles bassist, but he's taking legal steps to fend them off.

Meisner says his estranged children are desperate to get him under a conservatorship, which he does not want. Meisner admits he does need help and care in the wake of Lana's tragic accidental shooting -- but he has a different plan.

In docs filed in L.A., 70-year-old Meisner says he wants 2 people -- a "trusted friend" and his financial advisor -- to be his convservators. He says he's in a "profound state of grief" and needs the support of these friends.

As we've reported, Meisner's kids attempted -- with the help of a family friend -- to get a conservatorship over him last year, but failed.