Joe Giudice Checks Into Prison Kisses Teresa's Ass G'bye

3/23/2016 8:23 AM PDT
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9:40 AM PT-- Joe's lawyer, James Leonard, tells TMZ Joe Giudice surrendered himself around noon. He was surrounded by his brother, sister, Teresa and several family members. "It was obviously a very emotional day, but this is a very strong family with a tremendous support system and they will get through this, just as they did when Teresa was away."

Here's Joe and Teresa Giudice saying their last goodbyes -- in public -- before Joe heads to the slammer for the next 41 months ... and sharing one final kiss on the way out.  

After this pic was taken, Joe got in a car headed to Fort Dix, a low security prison in New Jersey -- where he'll serve time for conspiracy to commit wire and bankruptcy fraud.

It's kinda like a passing of the baton -- Teresa already served 11 months for the same charges.