Faye Resnick Freaked Out by Ford Bronco Re-Release

1/12/2017 6:18 AM PST

Faye Resnick is still haunted by the murder of her best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson, and she cringes when she hears one of the icons of the O.J. Simpson saga is coming back.

We got Faye and pal Kyle Richards leaving Il Pastaio in Bev Hills Wednesday, and we asked both about the release of the Ford Bronco ... the vehicle in which O.J. rode during the slow-speed chase.

The Bronco was discontinued in 1996 -- 2 years after the murders -- but it's coming back. Faye and Kyle feel very differently about it.

But, they both feel the same way about O.J., who could be released from prison in October. A career in porn is looking dim.