Mary Tyler Moore Still Making It After All ... Sales Surge After Death

1/25/2017 5:22 PM PST

Mary Tyler Moore's legendary shows are blowing up Internet sales ... just hours after her death.

Sales for the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" shot up more than 23,000% Wednesday on Amazon, and numbers for "The Dick Van Dyke Show" -- her first big break -- are up nearly 5,000%.

Mary's most acclaimed movie was "Ordinary People" -- she got an Oscar nom for Best Actress -- so it's no surprise sales for the film have skyrocketed too -- up almost 3,000% on Amazon.

MTM's work is also showing up in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes right now, and her show's first season is currently ranked #51 in its Top Seasons section.

All in all ... an enormous and fitting tribute.