Mary Tyler Moore Still Making It After All ... Sales Surge After Death

1/25/2017 5:22 PM PST

Mary Tyler Moore TV Show and Movie Sales Surge After Death


Mary Tyler Moore's legendary shows are blowing up Internet sales ... just hours after her death.

Sales for the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" shot up more than 23,000% Wednesday on Amazon, and numbers for "The Dick Van Dyke Show" -- her first big break -- are up nearly 5,000%.

Mary's most acclaimed movie was "Ordinary People" -- she got an Oscar nom for Best Actress -- so it's no surprise sales for the film have skyrocketed too -- up almost 3,000% on Amazon.

MTM's work is also showing up in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes right now, and her show's first season is currently ranked #51 in its Top Seasons section.

All in all ... an enormous and fitting tribute.