'AHS' Murder House New Owners Sue ... This Place Is a Real-Life Nightmare!!!

2/13/2018 7:38 AM PST

'American Horror Story' Murder House Owners Sue

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The owners of the famed Los Angeles mansion where "American Horror Story" shot its first season say they got sold a bill of haunted goods, and now they're suing ... a ghost ... so to speak.

The Rosenheim mansion hosted Ryan Murphy, Connie Britton, Sarah Paulson and the rest of the cast of 'AHS' when they shot the "Murder House" season back in 2011. Cut to 2014, when Ernst Von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold purchased the mansion for $3.2 million.

In a lawsuit, Von Schwarz and Oakenfold say everyday since they moved in has been a nightmare. They say they had no idea their new mansion was a "macabre tourist attraction" ... visited by hundreds of loyal 'AHS' fans who trespass and even attempt to break in.

The couple says the seller never disclosed the mansion's recent past as a TV set, so they feel hoodwinked. Now the twist -- the previous owner is dead. Greta Von Steinbauer passed away in 2017, so Von Schwarz and Oakenfold are suing her estate for at least $3 mil.

Fun fact: Angela is the ex-wife of famed DJ Paul Oakenfold.