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Bobbi Kristina

Violent History With Nick Gordon

Triggered By Jealousy

2/9/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0206-nick-gordon-bobbi-kristina-tmz-instagram-01Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's violent relationship was well known among their friends ... and sources tell us it was fueled by jealousy -- but not the kind you'd expect. 

Sources close to the couple tell us ... their spats, which sometimes resulted in domestic violence, were almost always triggered by Nick's jealousy over Bobbi Kristina's fame. He felt he was also Whitney Houston's child since he grew up with her and could not understand why people focused on Bobbi.

One recent example ... they were trying to get their own TV show but when Nick wasn't offered the same deal as Bobbi Kristina they turned it down.

Sources close to the couple tell us Bobbi Kristina's injuries, which triggered an ongoing criminal investigation with Gordon as the target, don't surprise their friends because they've known the relationship sometimes got violent.

We made multiple attempts to reach Nick. So far, no word back.


Bobby Brown 911 Call

Someone Got a Glass to the Head

... Send Help Now!

2/6/2015 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0206-Bobby-Brown-Audio-Launch-TemplateBobby Brown's bloody, bottle smashing family brawl was even more intense than we thought ... after hearing the 911 call one of the witnesses made.

The caller tells dispatch the fight was a violent free-for-all involving at least 8-10 people inside the W Hotel -- and someone had smashed a glass and was using it as a weapon.

As we reported ... the melee allegedly started when Bobby's older sister Tina spit in her own son's face. Listen to the tape ... it's clear hotel security is struggling to get control of the situation.  

Bobby Brown

Bloody Family Brawl ...

Son Calls Mom a Crackhead

2/6/2015 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details



10:50 AM PST -- Cops tell us the fight started over a valet parking ticket between Tina and her son. Cops also say a witness told them Shayne allegedly began throwing punches at his mother after he was hit.update-grey-gray-barAs if Bobby Brown didn't have enough on his plate -- his family got into a bloody, bottle-smashing, all out melee during his birthday dinner Thursday night in Atlanta.

After Bobby left Bobbi Kristina's hospital bedside, he went to have dinner with his wife, siblings and cousins at their hotel restaurant ...where people got wasted, and things blew up. Family sources tell us Bobby's nephew, Shayne Brown, called his mother (and Bobby's older sis) Tina ... "a crackhead" ... and then she went off.

We're told Tina spit in her son's face and cracked a bottle over his head -- multiple punches were thrown ... and one witness says there was "blood everywhere."

When the dust settled ... 3 people were injured and we're told Shayne had to get stitches for the cut on his head.

Police responded, but we're told Tina had already left the scene by then. No arrests were made. 

Ghostface Killah

Mouthy Fan Steps Up

To Get Beat Down

2/5/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

020315_ghostface_killah_launchOoh wee, a Ghostface Killah fan just got a painful lesson -- if you mess with the man with the mic in his hand, or the people who paid to come see him ... you might catch an ass-whupping.  

A show organizer explains ... GK got into it with a fan who was flipping him off and cussing at him during the gig at a tattoo convention in Amarillo, TX last weekend. From the stage, Ghost threatened to pound the guy out, but the fans handled that for him. 

After a few exchanges, the crowd jumped the guy and started unloading ... until security dragged him out, and Ghostface got back to business. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops questioned the mouthy fan, but no charges were filed.


Wanted for Super Bowl Party Brawl

With Loudmouthed Fan

2/4/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

020315_p_diddy_altercation_launch_v2Scottsdale Police want a sit down with Diddy because a disgruntled fan claims the mogul slugged him during a Super Bowl bash -- but video of the incident shows the fan was asking for trouble.

The accuser, Steven Donaldson claims Diddy was slated to host a nightclub party Saturday evening, but didn't show until 1:15 in the morning -- and then, only hung out in VIP ... rarely getting onstage.

Donaldson says he was pissed because he paid $100 to see Diddy -- so he decided to get in his face and cuss him out. In video obtained by TMZ, you can hear Donaldson berating Diddy multiple times before they end up face to face. Donaldson claims that's when Diddy punched him in the face.

The video cuts out as Diddy allegedly throws the blow. Adding insult to possible injury, Donaldson says security tackled him -- NOT Diddy -- and tossed him from the party.

Law enforcement sources say Diddy had split by the time cops arrived, but a very intoxicated Donaldson was there ... and filed a battery report.

We called Diddy's camp for comment, but no word back yet.


Ex- Power Ranger Murder Case

Deadly Brawl Was Over Girlfriend

2/3/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Power Ranger Killed RoommateFormer Power Ranger Ricardo Medina Jr. allegedly stabbed his roommate to death during a fight over Medina's girlfriend -- but it wasn't about sex ... just personal space. 

TMZ broke the story ... the "Power Rangers Samurai" star was arrested for allegedly murdering his roommate, Joshua Sutter, with a sword. Medina claims Sutter burst into his bedroom during the brawl ... and that's when he stabbed him in the abdomen.

Law enforcement sources tell us the argument started because Sutter was pissed Medina's girlfriend was hanging out at their place when Medina wasn't home. The verbal spat eventually escalated into a physical fight. 

As for the murder weapon ... we're told the sword wasn't Ranger related -- it was a replica medieval style sword a la Conan the Barbarian.

Suge Knight

Surveillance Cams Broken ...

Pointed Wrong Way

2/1/2015 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0130-tams-security-cameras-tmz-01Suge Knight thinks surveillance video will exonerate him, while cops believe it could be the smoking gun that nails him for murder. Well both sides need a Plan B, because the surveillance footage doesn't exist.

The owner of Tam's -- the Compton hamburger joint where Suge ran over and killed Terry Carter -- tells us the security camera trained at the parking lot doesn't work. He got nothin'.

There's a Wells Fargo nearby but we went out there and the cameras don't face in the direction of Tam's parking lot. Ditto the Louisiana Fried Chicken joint and the Rite Aid.

Law enforcement sources tell us they also checked and came up goose eggs. 

They're all on the hunt for someone who might have captured the accident and what preceded it on their cell phone.


Best Prayer Service EVER!!!

1/31/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
DMX Praying Video

DMX makes the fieriest of pastors look like boring insurance salesmen ... this is one for the ages.

It all went down in Las Vegas before a concert ... when 44-year-old DMX asked the man upstairs to prevent stabbings, shootings and fighting from ruining his gig.

You gotta watch the faces of his makeshift congregation. They are either deep in prayer or doing everything humanly possible not to bust up.

Please watch this video. It could save you.

Ty Dolla $ign & YG

They 86'd Me with a Kick to the Head

... Fan Claims

1/30/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Ty Dolla Sign YG FightTy Dolla $ign and YG allegedly beat down a guy for cramping their VIP style inside an Australian nightclub Sunday night.

The rappers performed at Eve Nightclub in Melbourne ... where police say a clubgoer is accusing them of punching and kicking him in the head in a dispute over their turf.  

The alleged victim claims he was hanging in the VIP area when the rappers and their crew rolled in and tried to shove everyone else out. The victim says when he refused to bolt ... they unloaded on him and then chased him outside.

Cops eventually arrived and shut down the club. No one got arrested, but we're told they are now investigating the alleged assault.

Sources close to the rappers tell us they never touched the man, and they claim club security guards tossed him. 

Jagged Edge Singer Arrested

Allegedly Shoved Engagement Ring

Down Fiancée's Throat

1/29/2015 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
Jagged Edge Singer Arrested Engagement Ring
Jagged Edge singer Kyle Norman probably won't be meeting his fiancée at the altar, because he's been accused of beating her ... and attempting to make her swallow her own engagement ring.

The singer was arrested early Thursday morning in Atlanta after officers responded to a fight call between the couple ... and found her with a golf ball-sized welt on her head. 

According to cops, the woman claims Norman threatened to kill her ... then he allegedly began punching and choking her with a scarf -- and then tried to force the ring down her throat. 

We're told Norman went peacefully when cops arrived. He claimed the whole fight started because he was upset about his dad having cancer. She says they were arguing about drinking. 

Norman was charged with aggravated assault, and is still behind bars.  


Black Sabbath

Geezer Butler Arrested for Bar Brawl

1/28/2015 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Ozzy Osbourne's right hand man in Black Sabbath -- bassist Geezer Butler -- got busted for a bar fight, and spent a night in jail.

Sources tell us Butler was in a bar at the Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley Tuesday ... when the brawl broke out -- and apparently the ol' Geezer's still got some fight left in him.

Inyo County Sheriff's deputies, clearly believing the Butler did it ... arrested the 65-year-old for battery, vandalism, and disorderly conduct. 

Butler famously wrote most of Sabbath's lyrics ... while Ozzy got all the glory as the band's frontman.

Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?

Who knows? But cops tell us Butler was released from jail Wednesday morning after drying out.


Ex-UFC Champ BJ Penn

Slammed Head Against Bar

... Before Fight

1/20/2015 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

BJ Penn slammed his head against a solid wooden bar 3 times in anger ... before the ex-UFC champ went outside and got into a fight this weekend ... bar sources tell TMZ Sports

We're told ... BJ was a "perfect gentleman" when he arrived to the South Shore Tiki Lounge in Maui on Saturday night -- but became agitated and at one point began banging his head into the bar. 

"He was definitely aggravated at something," one source tells us who also says Penn did NOT appear to be drunk.

"He only had one drink.  At first he was okay, then he was hitting his head on the bar .... and 20 minutes later he was outside fighting."

As we previously reported, Penn allegedly attacked one of his friends in the parking lot -- and reportedly injured the guy so bad, he was hospitalized for a broken eye socket. 

Penn was later arrested for assault. Cops are still investigating the incident.

Ex-UFC Champ BJ Penn


... Parking Lot Brawl

1/20/2015 5:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Former UFC champ BJ Penn was arrested in Hawaii this weekend ... after reportedly beating a man so bad in a bar parking lot, the guy was hospitalized for a broken eye socket. 

Penn had been boozing at a bar in Maui with a friend when he allegedly began to get aggressive with other bar patrons ... and Penn's buddy tried to step in between and calm the fighter down. 

But according to, Penn turned on his pal -- punching him in the face and kneeing him in the forehead.  

Penn's friend was so badly injured, he was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a fractured left eye socket. 

According to officials, Penn left the scene ... but was taken into custody at a nearby hotel. He was arrested for 2nd degree assault. 

Story developing ...


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