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Ron Lester Billy Bob from 'Varsity Blues' Critical Condition

6/17/2016 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0617-billy-bob-varsity-bluesRon Lester -- who famously played Billy Bob in "Varsity Blues" -- is hospitalized in critical condition and it doesn't look good ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We've confirmed the 45-year-old actor is hospitalized in Dallas. Multiple people connected to Lester tell us he's been there for roughly 4 months and his health has been in a steady decline. 

Lester had revealed he was hospitalized back in November due to liver issues. We're told there were also problems with his kidneys. 

He also reached out to TMZ back in January and told us he was having complications with his heart ... but seemed to be in good spirits and even joked about the situation. 

Lester shot to fame as the lovable heavyset lineman in the 1999 football flick ... starring alongside James Van Der Beek, Paul Walker and Scott Caan. He also appeared in "Not Another Teen Movie" and "CSI: NY."

Lester battled weight issues for years -- reportedly weighing as much as 508 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2001. He lost nearly 350 pounds after that. 


Meat Loaf Rep Claims Dehydration Behind Concert Collapse

6/17/2016 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Meat Loaf's scary collapse during a show in Canada Thursday was triggered by severe dehydration ... so claims a spokesperson for the singer.

The singer collapsed Thursday night during his encore performance of "I'd Do Anything For Love."

Meat Loaf was taken to a local hospital and underwent tests ... his vital signs are stable but he's still hospitalized.

It's a little weird ... Meat Loaf just cancelled a bunch of concerts because of some sort of undisclosed illness. He also just cancelled his Saturday night show in Alberta. 


Meat Loaf Collapses Onstage Mid-Performance

6/16/2016 9:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0617-meatloaf-makeme01crazy-01Meat Loaf collapsed onstage while performing in front of a Canadian crowd.

The 68-year-old rocker was at the Jubilee Auditorium Thursday night in Edmonton when he hit the floor in the middle of "I'd Do Anything for Love," and lay motionless onstage.

The video is intense ... panic sets into the crowd as they realize the severity of the situation ... and one of the roadies tries to rally everyone with applause.

Meat Loaf recently canceled a string of shows for an undisclosed illness ... his current condition is unclear.

Story developing ... 

Lil Wayne It Wasn't Sizzurp ... I Just Didn't Take My Meds

6/16/2016 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0613-lil-wayne-tmzLil Wayne says his latest round of seizures were not triggered by sizzurp ... he says it all emanates from a chronic condition -- epilepsy, and the medications he takes to control it.

The rapper's private jet was forced to make 2 emergency landings earlier this week because he hadn't been taking his meds and had several epileptic attacks on the plane.

As for why he wasn't taking his Rx ... Wayne's rep tells us he went to a pharmacy in Milwaukee where he was performing but they didn't have the medicine in stock. He thought he could do without it for a few days, but he was wrong.

TMZ broke the story ... people who were at the club tell us Wayne was drinking "massive amounts" of sizzurp before the seizures started.

As we previously reported, Lil Wayne returned to the stage just 2 days after he was released from the hospital.


Lil Wayne Back Onstage in L.A. ... Days After Seizure Scares

6/15/2016 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News


Lil Wayne's a lil workhorse ... working again 2 days after suffering TWO scary seizures.

The rapper's currently at the gaming convention E3 in downtown L.A. promoting his new mobile app skating game. He stayed true to his word it'd be business as usual ... despite his private plane making two emergency landings in Omaha, Nebraska.

Noticeably absent from Weezy's hand ... a cup of lean. But look closely ... a friend appears to be double cupping.

We're no doctors ... but being near a double cup probably not the best idea.


Lil Wayne Drinking Massive Amounts of Lean Hours Before Seizures

6/14/2016 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_lil_wayne_party_night_before_photos_launch_3Lil Wayne ingested an extraordinary amount of lean in the hours leading up to his multiple midair seizures ... according to witnesses close to the rapper.

We're told Weezy was cruising around with five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend ... with one onlooker telling us Wayne downed 3 bottles just by himself.

We're told he continued sipping during the after-party.

TMZ broke the story ... Wayne was hospitalized in Omaha, Nebraska after suffering multiple seizures aboard his private jet ... prompting 2 emergency landings.

Wayne previously said he doesn't sip lean anymore because of his history with seizures and epilepsy ... but clearly that wasn't the case in Milwaukee.

A rep for Wayne says the rapper is currently in stable condition and "good spirits."

Lil Wayne Seizure Forces Emergency Landing

6/13/2016 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


2:28 PM PT -- Wayne has been transported to a hospital by ambulance.

2:00 PM PT -- We're told Lil Wayne just suffered ANOTHER seizure after refusing medical attention and going back onto his private jet. We're told his plane was in the air for minutes when the 2nd seizure occurred ... and was forced to land in Omaha once again.

Our sources say Wayne once again lost consciousness ... and the paramedics are treating him on the aircraft.


Lil Wayne suffered a seizure during a cross-country flight, forcing his private jet to make an emergency landing in Nebraska ... TMZ has learned.

Wayne was flying from Milwaukee to California when the seizure struck -- and we're told he'd blacked out when the pilot put the jet down Monday afternoon in Omaha.

Paramedics are at the airstrip right now, and Wayne is alert again. As of 1:30 PM PT ... we're told he's refusing medical treatment.  

TMZ broke the story, the same thing happened to Weezy in 2012 ... when his private jet made emergency landings two days in a row. He also suffered seizures in 2013 -- one of which was nearly fatal.

Wayne has said he's epileptic and has suffered seizures since childhood. Years ago he said he quit drinking lean because of the seizures, but last night in Milwaukee he was double-cupping in plain sight. 

Michu Meszaros 'ALF' Star in Coma

6/12/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609_MIHALY-MESZAROS-tmz_wmMichu Meszaros -- the guy who played ALF in the '80s -- is fighting for his life after slipping into a coma ... TMZ has learned.

Michu's manager, Dennis Varga, tells us the 2'9" actor had been dealing with health issues after suffering a stroke 8 years ago.

Dennis says late last week he called 911 after finding 76-year-old Michu unresponsive in the bathroom.

Michu was taken to an L.A. area hospital where he remains in a coma ... and the prognosis is bad.

Dennis says Michu gave him strict instructions not to take him off life support.

Michu got his start at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus before landing the role of ALF the alien. ALF was a puppet but Michu wore the costume when they needed walking/running shots.

Michu also did a cameo in "Big Top Pee-wee" ... and 2 Pepsi commercials with Michael Jackson.


Aaron Rodgers Cuts the Cheese ... Wisconsin Congressman is APPALLED!!!

6/12/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

News that Aaron Rodgers is axing dairy -- INCLUDING CHEESE!!! -- didn't sit well with Wisconsin congressman Sean Duffy.

We caught the U.S. Rep walking around in D.C. when we clued him in on the Packers QB's new diet plan. Check out the vid ... Sean couldn't believe his ears when we told him the NFL superstar's eliminating dairy. Y'a know ... cause milk/cheese = protein.

Rodgers told ESPN he wants to follow a stricter eating regimen following knee surgery in January ... sparking a near MELTDOWN among faithful cheeseheads.

No word on whether Wisconsin will declare a state of emergency cause of all this.

Floyd Mayweather's Dad Hospitalized In Vegas

6/9/2016 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0609-floyd-mayweather-dad-ambulance-las-vegas-sr-TMZ-WM-02Scary moment for Floyd Mayweather Sr. ... who was hospitalized in Vegas early this morning ... but appears to be okay now, TMZ Sports has learned. 

We've confirmed ... emergency personnel responded to a call around 7:30 AM to a coffee shop. The 63-year-old was loaded into an ambulance and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

A rep for the Mayweather camp tells us Floyd Sr. was simply dehydrated and is doing much better now. We're told he's not expected to be held overnight. 

Floyd Sr. was a pretty good boxer in his own right -- and fought Sugar Ray Leonard in 1978 (he lost though). He eventually became one of the biggest trainers in boxing. 

Disney Resorts Sued You Had a Loose Screw That Screwed Me Over Good

6/6/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0603-california-screamin-disney-getty-01A Disney roller coaster ride became unhinged and a visitor, who was on the sidelines minding her own business, got knocked out by a bolt out of the sky ... literally.

Tatjana Goodall claims in a new lawsuit she was sitting on a park bench enjoying a cool drink when an errant bolt that had just flown off the California Screamin' roller coaster nailed her in the head, knocking her off the bench and rendering her unconscious.

Goodall claims she began vomiting, but the nurse at Disney California Adventure assured her the only worrisome sign would be if it was projectile vomiting, and she had the regular kind.

Goodall says she was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, and she says there's permanent damage.

According to the lawsuit, the ride was shut down immediately after the incident.

Disney had no comment.

UFC's Robbie Lawler Muhammad Ali's an Icon ... Wishing Him the Best

6/3/2016 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Muhammad Ali hospitalized in Arizona ... we asked UFC champ Robbie Lawler to tell us what "The Greatest" of all time means to him as a fighter.

Check out the clip ... it's nothing but respect and well-wishes for Ali. 


Muhammad Ali Hospitalized for Respiratory Issues ... 'Fair Condition'

6/2/2016 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0602-muhammad-ali-gettyMuhammad Ali has been hospitalized for a respiratory issue ... and he's currently in fair condition, this according to the boxer's spokesperson. 

The rep says Ali is being tended to by a team of doctors and is expected to remain in the hospital for a short while. 

74-year-old Ali was last seen out in public back in April -- when he attended the Celebrity Fight Night charity event in Arizona ... along with huge stars like Carrie Underwood and Rob Gronkowski. 

Ali was last hospitalized back in January 2015 for follow-up care after a severe infection. 


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