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TV's Gay Bachelor Here's a Look at My Gigolo Days ... But It's for a Cause

12/21/2016 1:10 PM PST

1221-gay-bachelor-robert-sepulveda-jrTV's first gay bachelor, Robert Sepulveda Jr., is bringing awareness to sex workers by getting mostly naked on camera. Bare with him ... there's a point to this.

The "Finding Prince Charming" star says he recreated real moments from his rent-a-guy past for a 2017 calendar -- hence the big wad of cash in some of the pics.

Robert owned up to having been an escort right before his show started airing. He says he hopes the calendar can be a conversation piece. Not about his piece, but about the plight of sex workers.

The limited edition calendar is entitled "Rented" and costs $50. Robert says all proceeds go to the Sex Workers Project.

The racy teaser video tells fans to "Order yours today." He means the calendar. We think.


Blake Shelton I'm A Fan Of Ty Herndon His Sexuality is Irrelevant

11/16/2016 1:48 PM PST

Blake Shelton says good music, not sexuality, triumphs in Nashville.

Blake and Gwen Stefani were leaving Bed Bath & Beyond Wednesday in the San Fernando Valley when our photog asked about Ty Herndon, a veteran country singer who came out 2 years ago.

Listen to Blake ... he's undaunted by Ty's sexuality ... "The Voice" judge judges based on music, and whether a singer is gay or straight is irrelevant.

Rapper Young M.A I'm an Inspiration to Young Gay Men and Women

11/16/2016 6:37 AM PST

Rapper Young M.A is not only super popular ... she's proud to be a role model for young gay people trying to find themselves.

The openly gay artist -- who is CRUSHING 2016 with her hit "Ooouuu" -- seemed happy she's inspiring the next generation.

The 24-year-old also talked tattoos and even brushed on the Game-Meek Mill diss track ... if anyone cares to remember

Pulse Nightclub Newly Released Video Horrific Scene

11/11/2016 6:24 AM PST

The carnage at Pulse nightclub came back to life in a jolting way, after authorities released video of the slaughter.

Multiple body cameras strapped to the officers show the sheer volume of violence inside the gay nightclub, where 49 people were murdered. 


One video shows cops charging the bathroom where hostages were held and killed. 

Not all of the video shot was released ... some was simply too much to bear. 

Kevin Hart I Took a Buffalo Wing to the Face ... At a Male Strip Club!

10/13/2016 6:27 AM PDT

Kevin Hart hasn't quite had rotten tomatoes thrown at him while onstage ... but he has dealt with fried poultry and half-naked men all in one heckling. 

We got Kevin in NYC -- where he was promoting "What Now?" -- and asked about his worst bombing experience as a stand-up -- he didn't disappoint. Kevin tells us he was performing at a male strip club once ... when he came face-to-face with a thrown buffalo wing.

Sounds like he tried to be a grown little man about it, but chickened out. 

Kevin's no quitter though. Watch -- he came back and conquered that male strip club.

CoverGirl Brand's First CoverBoy Scores New Bestie ... Katy Perry!!

10/12/2016 2:20 PM PDT

James Charles made history by becoming the first male face of CoverGirl ... and now he gets to glam it up with Katy Perry for the next year as a fellow brand ambassador.

The 17-year-old makeup artist told us at LAX ... it's an honor for him to not only be CG's first CoverBoy, but to get to work alongside Katy, who is obviously one of his faves. Like, ever. 

Check out the vid ... James had a borderline freak-out just trying to describe their first meeting.

'Transparent' Creator Jill Soloway Trans Need To Tell Their Own Stories

9/19/2016 6:42 AM PDT

Jill Soloway has lots of rules to live by ... one of which she shares with Jeffrey Tambor.

The "Transparent" creator doubled down when we caught up with her at the Amazon Emmys After-Party in WeHo. Jill's adamant transgender people -- NOT white cisgender males -- need to play themselves in Hollywood.

Jill's also got a strong take on Donald Trump.

Michelle Rodriguez Lighten Up, People ... I'm Bisexual, Never Transphobic!!

9/16/2016 11:50 AM PDT

Michelle Rodriguez doesn't think anyone will be offended by her new movie ... because her own sexuality proves she'd never hurt transgender people or anyone in the LGBT community.

We got the "Fast & Furious" star at LAX talking about her role in the action film "(Re) Assignment" -- in which she plays a male assassin who undergoes a sex change against his will by a deranged surgeon.

It's clear she's peeved about the controversy ... and has some simple advice for any haters.

Take a look at what Michelle had to go through to play the role of Tomboy.

Heheheh at TIFF promoting 'TomBoy A Revengers Tale' producers are convinced the new movie title should be re-assignment but I'll stick to the title I signed on to shoot... 'Tomboy'. It's in the B Movie genre, a culture shock pic, shot like a 'film Noir' graphic novel. I played a male assassin for four days in the movie, boy was that beard itchy. Then out revenge, a twisted Doctor played by Sigourney Weaver decides to take my character's manhood away with a sex change to teach him a lesson. I never felt more like a woman than when I played a man. For the rest of the film I was a man stuck in a newly operated sex changed body. I had fake boob covers to look like man implants & I wore a fake hairy 'mangina' which you can't really see cause they made it so hairy. In retrospect I'm I glad took the plunge, the industry seems to be running low on edgy creativity & 'real take a chance' controversy, sometimes it makes me want to scream, instead I did what I always do when I'm bored with the 'status quo', I shot crazy b movie Indy to express my frustration. I wish I had more than a few weeks to prepare for this flic, I would have gained a lot more weight, & we would have made some hairy arms to match my Mediterranean look. I feel that my skinny build sometimes comes off hermaphoditic in the film, especially when you add the crazy male chest for the nude sequences. Lol hope y'all will enjoy the flic sometime, when we sell it of course... It's interesting to say the least.

A photo posted by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on

Manny Pacquiao I Regret Comparing Gays to Animals, But ...

9/9/2016 1:00 AM PDT

Manny Pacquiao says he made a "mistake" by saying gay people are worse than animals earlier this year -- but stands firm on his anti-gay beliefs.

PacMan was promoting his upcoming fight against Jessie Vargas when he told us he regretted making the comments back in February ... saying, "I'm just human. Nobody's perfect."

Of course, Manny started a firestorm when he went on a TV show in the Philippines and said heterosexuality is "common sense" -- you'd have to be dumber than an animal to not understand. 

Pacquiao was fired by Nike and banned from The Grove shopping center in L.A. in the wake of his comments -- but now, he's expressing remorse ... kinda. 

Gay Bachelor No Pricks from a Rose

9/8/2016 8:40 AM PDT

0907-robert-sepulveda-jr-instagram-tmz-03There will be no handing out of red roses for the gay bachelor -- we've learned all the dudes will be vying for a black tie.

Sources close to production tell us the major difference between "Finding Prince Charming" and "The Bachelor" -- apart from the same sex thing -- is the ceremonial red rose that gets people through to the next round.

Instead, the 13 guys competing for Robert Sepulveda Jr. will walk up to him on elimination day in hopes of getting something around their necks.

Upside: No thorns when the show premieres Thursday on Logo.


Bella Thorne I Can Make Out With a Girl ... And Still Be Single

9/6/2016 12:20 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

0902-bella-thorne-TMZ-01Bella Thorne posted makeout pics with her best friend Bella Pendergast -- then came out as bisexual -- but that doesn't mean "Bella Squared" is an item.

Sources close to the Bellas tell us ... Thorne is single, and the two are just friends who like to kiss ... sweet.

August was a busy month for Bella ... she broke up with BF Gregg Sulkin and called Bella P her "soulmate" after the makeout pics ... leading people to believe they were dating.

Not the case ... because the other Bella has been in a serious relationship for months with fellow UC Davis student Bram Kolber.

As for Thorne's breakup, we're told it was a buildup of small fights, but it ended smoothly because Sulkin was cool with her keeping the Sherman Oaks home they purchased together earlier this year.




Jim Jefferies Australia's the Gayest Place ... But Still NO Gay Marriage?!

8/29/2016 10:50 AM PDT

Stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies can't understand why his home country is so backwards when it comes to gay marriage, and yet so "super gay" ... as he puts it.

We got Jim at LAX, and asked what Australia could learn from the U.S., and he went off on a rant about its failure to change the law on same sex marriages.

Jim thinks they can fix it with one simple move though ... and, of course, it's hilarious.

Gay Bachelor Cast Member Reveals He's HIV Positive

8/28/2016 12:40 AM PDT

0826-finding-prince-charming-cast-LOGO-01One of the 13 suitors trying to hook up with TV's first gay bachelor is HIV positive, and even though producers were aware, they kept the cast in the dark ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Robert Sepulveda Jr. -- the "Finding Prince Charming" bachelor -- got the bombshell news early on during taping, and we're told the reveal will become a focal point. Our sources tell us producers think the show will resonate with straight and gay viewers, and educate the audience. 

As for the reveal itself -- we're told it was emotional and Robert was supportive of the cast member.

The show's already been taped, but no word on whether the HIV positive guy was chosen after opening up about his diagnosis.

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