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Bijou Phillips Apologizes to 'Mean Girls' Star Over Gay Shaming

11/13/2017 6:43 AM PST

Bijou Phillips is apologizing to a "Mean Girls" star for bullying him over his sexuality.

Actor Daniel Franzese went after Bijou recently, claiming, "She body shamed me and ridiculed me about my sexuality and physically assaulted me" on the set of the 2001 movie, "Bully."

He says she loudly and repeatedly asked him in front of others if he was gay, and when he said he was bi, she followed up the next day by screaming, "Oh look! The Bi guy is here!" He says she, on a different occasion, grabbed his nipple and "twisted it hard through my shirt and laughed," and at one point during filming kicked him in the head so hard he still is not sure if he had a concussion.

Bijou tells TMZ, "I want to write to address what Daniel has said. I don't remember that time well, those years are a blur. I was a teenager and reckless in my behavior. I know Daniel to be a trustworthy and honest person, and to find out through social media that I was not the friend I thought I was to him made me so sad."

Bijou goes on ... "I am so mortified by this behavior and have contacted Daniel and apologized to him privately. I am not and never have been homophobic. I have nothing but love for the LGBTQ community and Daniel."

Daniel tweeted Sunday night that he has received and accepted her apology.

Portia de Rossi Claims Steven Seagal 'Unzipped' When She Auditioned

11/8/2017 3:46 PM PST
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Portia de Rossi claims Steven Seagal put her on the casting couch in his office during an audition -- and she's also blasting her then-agent for a callous and nonchalant reaction.

Portia says the incident happened during her final audition for a part in one of Seagal's movies -- she does not say which one. She alleges the action star told her "how important it was to have chemistry off-screen as he sat me down and unzipped his leather pants."

She says the next bombshell came when she ran out of the office and called her agent. According to Portia's tweet, her female agent only said, "Well, I didn't know if he was your type."

That makes it seem like whenever this happened, it was before 2005 ... when Portia came out. It also hints at premeditation if, in fact, her agent was aware Seagal intended to make the vulgar move.

We've reached out to Seagal's reps.

Juliana Margulies recently described a late '80s hotel room meeting with Seagal, and claims he brandished a gun, but never touched her before she fled.

Jeffrey Tambor Ex-Assistant Claims Sexual Harassment ... Amazon Investigating

11/8/2017 1:10 PM PST
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Jeffrey Tambor is being investigated by Amazon over sexual harassment claims made by his ex-assistant, who happens to be transgender -- but Jeffrey's calling BS.

The former assistant, Van Barnes, made the claim about Tambor on Facebook ... saying only that he acted inappropriately around her. The allegation was not more specific. However, it was enough for Amazon, which produces "Transparent," to start looking into it ... according to Deadline.

Meanwhile, Tambor is already responding, saying ... "I adamantly and vehemently reject and deny any and all implication and allegation that I have ever engaged in any improper behavior toward this person or any other person I have ever worked with. I am appalled and distressed by this baseless allegation."

Amazon says it's interviewing "Transparent" cast and crew, including Tambor.

Amazon Studios exec, Roy Price, recently resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him.

O.J. Simpson If Bruce Jenner Wants to Be an Old Woman ... Good for Her!!!

11/2/2017 10:31 AM PDT

O.J. Simpson's taking a transphobic shot at Caitlyn Jenner for her claim she and Kris Jenner knew damn well O.J. killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.

Simpson was out in Las Vegas when a photog asked him about Caitlyn's recent comments. At first, he said he's never met Caitlyn and claims he barely knew Bruce, despite the fact they vacationed together. Then he started jabbing.

Watch ... O.J. seems to think his comment is lighthearted, or even a joke.

We're guessing Caitlyn won't be laughing about it, and we're sure, after seeing this ... there's bad blood between the old friends.

Btw, O.J. also makes it clear he's loving the Vegas life.

Zachary Quinto Spacey's Coming Out Is 'Deeply Sad and Troubling'

10/30/2017 10:34 AM PDT

Kevin Spacey is taking more heat from the LGBT community -- now, Zachary Quinto is teeing off on his coming out, calling it "deeply sad and troubling."

The 'Star Trek' star says Spacey's announcement he's gay was nothing but a "calculated manipulation to deflect attention from the very serious accusation" ... that he attempted to molest then-14-year-old actor Anthony Rapp.

As we reported ... Spacey came out in his apology statement to Rapp, in which he also claimed he didn't remember the alleged incident.

Quinto ain't buying that. He added, "i am sorry that kevin only saw fit to acknowledge his truth when he thought it would serve him - just as his denial served him for so many years." 

Rosie O'Donnell has ripped Spacey, and so has Billy Eichner

Rosie O'Donnell to Kevin Spacey You're Like Weinstein ... We All Knew!!!

10/30/2017 9:24 AM PDT

Rosie O'Donnell is calling out Kevin Spacey for allegedly having a rep as a predator in Hollywood, akin to Harvey Weinstein ... saying everyone in Hollywood knew.

Rosie took to Twitter Monday to directly slam Spacey for not remembering an alleged attempt at molesting then-14-year-old Anthony Rapp ... and she didn't mince words.

She tweeted ... "f*** u kevin - like Harvey we all new about u - I hope more men come forward @KevinSpacey." Rosie added ... "no one knew details - like harvey - but u knew both were creepy men with reps that said so."

As we reported ... Spacey came out as gay in his statement addressing Rapp's allegations. Other celebs have blasted him for choosing such a moment to embrace his sexuality.

Kevin hasn't responded to the latest criticism. 

Billy Eichner to Kevin Spacey You're 'Disgusting & Dangerous' For the Way You Came Out

10/30/2017 6:47 AM PDT

Kevin Spacey picked the worst time and way possible to come out as gay ... according to Billy Eichner, who calls the actor's statement "disgusting."

Spacey said he is now choosing "to live as a gay man" ... in an apology to actor Anthony Rapp, who claims when he was 14, Spacey tried to molest him. Shortly after that, Eichner -- who's openly gay -- said, "That Kevin Spacey statement. Nope. Absolutely not. Nope."

The "Billy on the Street" host went on to blast Spacey in a Twitter rant that included him saying Spacey "invented something that has never existed before: a bad time to come out."

His beef is clearly with Spacey connecting his alleged molesting of a teenager to his being gay. Billy, and many others, say Spacey's doing serious damage to the LGBT community ... and they're letting him know it.

Teddy Geiger Singer Announces ... 'I Am Transitioning'

10/27/2017 10:07 AM PDT

Teddy Geiger -- the singer/songwriter best known for the 2006 ballad "For You I Will" -- just let the world know ... he's started the process of transitioning to a woman.

Geiger made the announcement by responding to a fan's question on social media about why he looked different lately. He says he started talking with close friends and family about a month ago and it gave him the courage to forge ahead.


A post shared by Teddy Geiger (@teddygeiger) on

He added ... "Love it or hate it this is who I have been for a looooong time."

Teddy's remained busy in the music biz since his platinum hit, co-writing songs for One Direction and Shawn Mendes and soundtracks for "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Ghostbusters."

He also co-starred in the 2008 film "The Rocker" alongside Emma Stone.

Meagan Good Transgender Playmate Will Save Lives

10/20/2017 8:03 AM PDT

Playboy Playmate Ines Rau represents a cultural shift in America as far as Meagan Good's concerned, and the new message is ... quit all the hating, it's what God wants.

Meagan was at LAX when we asked about Ines becoming Playboy's first transgender centerfold, and it was all positive for her. In fact, she says Rau's biggest impact will be on the lives of young people struggling with gender identity issues.

Remember, Meagan's married to a preacher. While some religious groups aren't exactly known for tolerance of the LGBTQ community, Meagan is clear ... it's all about love and acceptance.

Hazel-E Sorry I Said All Gays Should Burn But the Bible Says ...

10/19/2017 3:47 PM PDT

"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Hazel-E is eating her words, and asking her LGBT fans to forgive her for saying gays should burn in hell. 

We spoke to Hazel Thursday ... the day after she went on a homophobic social media rant. Someone accused her BF and fellow 'LHHH' star Rose Burgandy of being gay, and they both went ballistic -- invoking the Bible, and wishing a fiery death on all gays.

Hazel admits it wasn't the brightest thing to do, especially because she relies heavily on the LGBT community's support. She's now backing off the death wish, but she's clinging to the religious part of her rant.

Carson Kressley Gays Are Happy, Healthy & Cute ... Let 'Em Donate Blood!!!

10/6/2017 7:38 AM PDT

Carson Kressley says gays check every applicable box when it comes to donating blood ... and that's why it's time to change the law restricting them from doing so.

The ex-'Queer Eye' star was in Bev Hills and told us he's proud of his pal, Lance Bass, taking a stand on the issue of gay men donating blood. Carson's on board with Lance's movement, but had a little more to say.

He laid out everything the gay community has to offer blood donation centers ... besides blood. For Carson, changing the FDA regulations will be a serious win-win-win!!!

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Contestant Defies DUI Judge ... I'm Filming in L.A., Baby!!!

10/6/2017 12:40 AM PDT

An upcoming "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestant is thumbing his nose at the judge in his DUI case by going to werrrrk in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us Andrew Bryson -- whose drag name is Blair St. Clair -- is currently taping in L.A. as a contestant for season 10 of 'Drag Race.' That's in clear violation of a court order stating he must stay in Indiana following a DUI bust this year.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, St. Clair was pulled over in March in Fort Wayne, IN and blew a .195 -- more than twice the legal limit! We checked and the judge's order banning his out-of-state travel is still in place.

It's a catch 22 for "Blair" -- winning the show could unlock a showbiz career, but doing the show at all could land his ass in a jail cell. We made a call to VH1, but no word back yet.

Lance Bass Gay Blood Ban Is Simply a 'Big F U' From American Red Cross!!!

10/5/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Lance Bass is making an impassioned plea to the FDA to end its longstanding restrictions on gay men donating blood ... saying his blood is no different from that of straight donors.

Lance told us it's a travesty gay men can't donate if they've had sex within 12 months -- especially after tragedies like the Las Vegas massacre. He added ... there's clearly a need, and the only possible reason to stick with the policy is to discriminate against the gay community.

He said so with much fewer words though. Two letters to be exact.

Lance says if America won't come to its senses on gun control, maybe it can at least remove the stigma about gay blood. He's not mincing words either, and directly calls out the American Red Cross.

Another singer, Jeffree Star, was at LAX when he echoed Lance's feelings, telling us, saving lives should outweigh bigotry. 

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