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Gay Pride-Bound Gunman Criminal History with Guns

6/12/2016 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612-james-howell-mug-shot-TMZ-03James Howell -- the 20-year-old Indiana man who was arrested with an arsenal in his car hours before his planned arrival at the West Hollywood Pride parade was arrested less than a year ago for pointing a gun in a threatening manner ... TMZ has learned.

Howell got in an argument with his Indiana neighbor last October when he pulled a gun in anger. He was arrested and charged with pointing a firearm at another, as well as intimidation.

Howell copped a plea -- the firearm charge was dropped, and he pled to intimidation. Howell is currently on one year probation for that crime.

TMZ broke the story ... Howell was arrested in Santa Monica early Sunday morning after a homeowner reported a prowler. Police found an arsenal in his car, including three assault rifles, high capacity magazines, ammunition, and a 5 gallon bucket with chemicals to make a bomb. He told police he had traveled to California to attend the Pride parade.

TMZ also found this video posted by Howell, who clearly seems to have a fondness for firearms.

Pride Parade Parade-Goer with Assault Rifles Arrested

6/12/2016 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


update_graphic_red_bar2:40 PM PT -- Cops have identified the suspect -- 20 year old James Howell from Indiana.  Police say they found, "three assault rifles, high capacity magazines, and ammunition."  Also, they found a 5 gallon bucket with chemicals capable of forming an improvised explosive device.

Cops also say as of now, there is no connection between James Howell and the shootings in Orlando.update_grey_gray_barA man with assault rifles was arrested early Sunday after telling cops his destination was the Pride parade later today in West Hollywood ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Santa Monica PD responded to a prowler call and found the man nearby the house that was allegedly targeted.

We're told he informed cops he was on his way to meet a friend for the Pride parade 10 miles away in WeHo. At a point cops searched his car and our sources say they found multiple assault rifles with a number of loaded magazines that were stacked and taped together --  a marker for someone looking to fire multiple rounds in rapid succession. Cops reportedly also found explosives and camouflage gear.

We're told the man has been arrested.

Santa Monica PD will not comment.

We're told the FBI is now involved. We do not know if cops have a lead on the identity of the "friend" of the man arrested.

The Abbey Ready to Party During Pride Weekend!

6/12/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Abbey's ready to burst with boys and vodka when hundreds of thousands descend on West Hollywood this weekend for L.A. Pride.

The Abbey has stocked the place with more than 1,000 liters of vodka, 3,500 cans of Red Bull and 7,500 bottles of beer. And there's plenty of eye candy for the boys AND girls -- 100 go-go dancers.

The Abbey -- once reportedly the largest purchaser of vodka in the world -- is expecting between 30-50k booze-guzzling customers.

Someone's gonna get a big tip!!!

Amber Heard 'Homophobic' 'Misogynistic' Cop ... a Gay Woman

6/9/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0608-beverly-leonard-facebook-05Amber Heard's ex-girlfriend, who just claimed Amber's 2009 arrest for domestic violence was bogus because the cop was a homophobe with a hint of misogyny ... couldn't be further off the mark, because the officer is an openly gay woman who also contributed money to a domestic violence organization.

Amber's ex-domestic partner, Tasya van Ree, minimized their altercation at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, saying it was "misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a powerful position." She's referring to the cops who arrested Amber for allegedly grabbing and hitting Tasya.

Officer Beverly Leonard was the actual arresting officer. She proudly posted pics of herself and her partner a few years back. She's also posted pics of herself at Pride weekend.

Leonard also supported an organization in Seattle that helps women who were victims of domestic violence.

A source close to Beverly says the now-retired officer is indignant ... saying the arrest had nothing to do with homophobia ... she was arrested for breaking the law.

Although Tasya claims the incident was minor, police documents show there was actual property damage ... Tasya's pendant was broken during the scuffle, and the documents also show Tasya was extremely upset with Amber for the alleged attack ... so claim the responding cops.


Rosie O'Donnell I Choked When I Met Caitlyn Jenner ... Total Trump Move!

5/27/2016 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell's first time meeting Caitlyn Jenner was a classic -- as in, a classic screw up.

Rosie did a little stand-up in NYC Thursday night during a show with Cyndi Lauper and Boy George -- and recalled meeting Caitlyn at Kanye West's MSG show. Honest mistake on her part? Check out the video.

Bonus points to Rosie for turning her personal faux pas into a Donald Trump dig -- y'know he'd do the same to her in a heartbeat.

MLB Investigators Padres Gay Chorus Incident 'Human Error'

5/26/2016 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0526-gay-mens-chorus-petco-park-san-diego-FACEBOOK-GETTY-02MLB investigators have determined there was NO malicious intent to cut the mics on the Gay Men's Chorus before the Padres game last weekend ... chalking the whole thing up to "human error."

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus was supposed to perform the National Anthem before Saturday's game -- but when they began to sing, a woman's voice came over the P.A. system and drowned them out. 

MLB investigated to see if foul play was involved ... but officials say the whole thing was just one big accidental screw-up. 

In fact, investigators point out -- "the situation was exacerbated by the fact that the lead entertainment supervisor was involved in a car accident on Friday night and thus was unable to work on Saturday."

The staffers who covered for the injured supervisor "were insufficiently familiar" with their duties and screwed up -- but "employees involved had no malicious intentions."

MLB says the staffers have "universally relayed contrition for how the incident unfolded and the adverse impression that it created."

The Padres have not only apologized to the chorus -- but have also invited the chorus to come back and perform at another game. 

Caitlyn Jenner I'm NOT Transitioning Back to a Man ... Rumors Are BS

5/12/2016 8:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0512-caitlyn-jenner-tmzBruce is gone and he's not coming back -- 'cause Caitlyn Jenner is NOT transitioning back into a man ... despite reports to the contrary.

The rumors stem from famous biographer Ian Halperin -- who claimed that while researching Caitlyn for a book, was told by a source that she was experiencing "sex change regret" and was considering de-transitioning back to a man. 

Halperin says multiple sources close to the Kardashian family said the move wouldn't surprise them. 

But Caitlyn's rep is calling full BS on the report -- telling the NY Daily News, "Of course it's not true." 

The rep also called the story "idiotic."


Dave Matthews & Boyd Tinsley Kiss It Out, Bro!

5/9/2016 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Matthews celebrated his band's 25th anniversary by making out .... with violinist Boyd Tinsley.

Actually, Boyd started it, Dave just finished it. The sneak attack kiss went down during DMB's anniversary show in Charlottesville, VA this weekend ... just as they were wrapping up an encore performance.

The 30th anniversary show ... probably won't be in North Carolina.

Donald Trump Caitlyn Can Use Any Bathroom She Wants

4/21/2016 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump is a progressive on transgender issues ... saying the trans community is welcome to use any bathroom in his slew of buildings.

Donald was on "Today" when Matt posed the question ... if Caitlyn walked into the Trump Tower, what bathroom could she use?

Trump not only opened the bathroom door, he went the extra mile, saying it would be discriminatory to create a bathroom specifically for the trans community. 

'Transparent' Crew Up in Arms Over Trans-Friendly Toilets

4/19/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418-unisex-bathroom-TMZ-01"Transparent" is a forward-thinking show about transgender acceptance, but the kumbaya spirit stops at the bathroom door.

Sources connected with the production tell us, members of the crew are up in arms over the unisex bathroom on the set.   

We're told the brass changed the drill ... from now on both bathrooms are open to all, with no restrictions. Just come on in and do your business, regardless of who's there. 

Check out the sign -- it shows women and men ... and the symbol commonly used for all-genders.

0418-unisex-bathroom-TMZ-02The beef is that men, women and transgenders can all enter as they please, making it uncomfortable for some of the crew. Women are particularly worried about walking in and seeing a dude peeing at the urinal. 

Now this is interesting ... we're told several crew members are too scared to complain, for fear they'll be labeled "transphobic," which would be the kiss of death on that set.

We reached out to Amazon ... so far no word back.

Cyndi Lauper I'm Fighting Anti-LGBT Laws ... In My OWN Way

4/13/2016 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041316-cyndi-lauper-tmzCyndi Lauper will absolutely play her upcoming concert in North Carolina, but she's also joining the fight against the state's controversial HB2 law by forking over her profits.

Cyndi tells TMZ she will donate all profits from her June 4th show in Raleigh to Equality North Carolina -- an organization fighting to get HB2 overturned. She says, "I think the best way I can do my part is to turn my show into an entire day to build public support to repeal HB2." Her manager and agent will also donate their commissions.

Cyndi recently told one of our photogs that unlike Bruce Springsteen, who canceled his NC concert last weekend, she feels it's important to play for her LGBT fans there.

But she seems to be making it clear she has no beef with Bruce's strategy. She says "we all have to include ourselves in the effort" to build an inclusive society, but each person should do it the best way they know how.

NFL's Brendon Ayanbadejo NFL Is Full Of Gay Superstars That You Don't Know About

4/13/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the biggest stars in the NFL are gay ... they're just not ready to come out publicly yet ... so says Super Bowl champ-turned-LGBT activist Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Let's face it ... none of the NFL players who have come out have really been top tier guys -- so we asked Brendon if we'll ever see an openly gay man achieve that household name recognition ... a la Peyton, Brady, Watt, etc. 

That's when Brendon -- who's a big deal in the LGBT community -- told us those superstar guys already exist ... but they just don't feel ready to share their sexual orientation with the world. 

The good news ... Brendon says we're moving in the right direction so it could happen sooner than later.

Cyndi Lauper WTH Did She Say About NC Anti-LGBT Law??!!

4/12/2016 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cyndi Lauper won't be following in Bruce Springsteen's footsteps and protesting North Carolina's passage of the HB2 law ... not by boycotting concerts there anyway.

Cyndi, an active supporter of LGBT rights, has what sounds like a pretty surprising reaction to laws like HB2. She was in L.A. on Monday when she was asked if she'd pull the plug on shows -- a la Bruce and Bryan Adams?

Again, she's always been a supporter of the LGBT community, but Cyndi says she's still down to play in NC. Why? Check it out. It's ... confusing?

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