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50 Cent

Rapper and actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was born on July 6, 1975 in Queens, NY. His dad abandoned the family and his mom, Sabrina Jackson, was drug dealer. After she was murdered in 1984, Fiddy went to live with his grandmother, Beulah. At age 12, he went down the same path as his mom and began dealing drugs. He dropped out of high school and went to jail a few times. In 2000, he survived being shot nine times. Jackson recorded a couple of unreleased albums before signing with Eminem’s label and making a splash on the scene with his 2003 debut “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” He also starred in a movie of the same title. Jackson executive produces and stars in the Starz drama “Power” and launched his own record label, G-Unit Records, in 2003. He became the face of Vitamin Water in 2004 and made millions when the company was sold to Coca-Cola. He also has a partnership deal with EFFEN Vodka and became a licensed boxing promoter for The Money Team in 2012. Jackson has written the books “50 X 50: 50 Cent in His Own Words” and “Playground.” Despite being ranked #4 on Forbes’ list of wealthiest hip-hop artists in 2015, Jackson declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and settled the following year. Fiddy has made it his mission to feed starving people in Africa and serves on the board of directors of his G-Unity Foundation, which provides grants to non-profits that help low-income and underserved communities. A Long Island house Jackson owned burned down in 2008. His ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their son, Marquise (born in 1996), lived there and escaped the blaze. He also has a son, Sire, with ex Daphne Joy. Jackson has been romantically linked to comedienne Chelsea Handler and actress Vivica A. Fox.

50 Cent's Mansion Swarmed by Cops, Alleged Burglar Busted (PHOTO)

50 Cent
Mansion Swarmed by Cops Alleged Burglar Busted

12:35 PM PT -- Police caught a suspect on the grounds, and determined he'd actually forced his way into the residence. Farmington PD says Elwin Joyce has been charged with 2nd degree… READ MORE >

50 Cent Scores Money Victory Over Jacked Photo

50 Cent
Scores Money Victory Over Jacked Photo

50 Cent just taught a lesson to anyone who's thinking of getting rich off a celeb's back ... or face. Lesson learned by an auto detailing company that dared to plaster Fiddy's pics on its… READ MORE >

- 292 days ago
DeMarcus Walker Admits His First Pitch was Bad, but Still Better Than 50 Cent (VIDEO)

FSU Star DeMarcus Walker
My First Pitch was Terrible, but ... Still Better Than Fiddy's!

DeMarcus Walker knows he completely blew it throwing out the first pitch at an FSU baseball game, but it could have been worse ... he could have pulled a 50 Cent! The former Florida State… READ MORE >

- 306 days ago
50 Cent's Punch Victim Lawyers Up For Lawsuit (VIDEO)

50 Cent
Punch Victim Lawyers Up For Lawsuit

The woman 50 Cent punched square in the chest is now going full bore against the rapper ... lawyering up for a lawsuit. Donnetta Derr has a law firm behind her that will sue 50 early next week.… READ MORE >

- 312 days ago
50 Cent Punches Super Aggressive Fan (VIDEO)

50 Cent
Punches Super Aggressive Fan

50 Cent retaliated hard against a fan who pulled him off stage during a rap concert Saturday ... punching the woman square in the chest. 50 was performing with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage… READ MORE >

- 317 days ago
50 Cent Never Signed Chris Brown Tour Deal, Couldn't Agree on Money

50 Cent
I Never Signed Chris Brown Tour Deal ... Promoter Couldn't Afford Me!

50 Cent's sudden absence from Chris Brown's tour promos is all about a huge money gap between 50's camp and the promoter behind Chris' tour .. TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the tour tell… READ MORE >

- 328 days ago
50 Cent's Son Denies Dissing Him, But Says Dad's Music Sucks (VIDEO + AUDIO)

50 Cent's Son
My Dad's Music Sucks! But I'm Not Dissing Him On New Track

50 Cent's son isn't shy about critiquing his father's music -- he says it SUCKS, but he also thinks everyone's getting the wrong idea about his own new track.  Marquise Jackson tells… READ MORE >

- 379 days ago
50 Cent's Taking 'Simpsons' Straight to the Bank

50 Cent
Still Getting Money ... Even from 'Simpsons'

50 Cent's got all his bankruptcy ducks in order -- making regular payments and still making lots of money ... with a little help from "The Simpsons." The rapper filed his November bank statement… READ MORE >

- 405 days ago
50 Cent Calls Up Mike Tyson To Train Chris Brown

50 Cent
I'm Bringing In Mike Tyson ... To Help Chris Brown Beat the Crap Outta Soulja Boy

50 Cent is pulling some serious favors to ensure Chris Brown comes out with a 'W' if he and Soulja Boy square up ... calling none other than Mike Tyson to train CB. 50 posted the vid claiming… READ MORE >

- 410 days ago
50 Cent Boxes 11-Year-Old 'Son' ... Connects With Head Shots (VIDEO)

50 Cent
Boxes 11-Year-Old 'Son' Connects With Head Shots

50 Cent believes in tough love -- so he strapped on his boxing gloves and went toe-to-toe with the 11-year-old boy he's raising for a fighting lesson ... complete with some pretty stiff head… READ MORE >

- 429 days ago
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