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Artie Lange

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Arthur Steven Lange grew up a child of a middle class family in Union, New Jersey. At Union High School, Lange excelled in baseball, becoming an All County third baseman. Working long afternoons with his loving contractor father, Artie developed a comical view of social classes, and his place in life as a barrel-chested Italian boy. After Artie completed high school, his father, who was a cable installer, fell off a roof and became a quadriplegic. Artie changed his college plans to be near his family, taking up odd jobs as a clerk, laborer and cab driver. After his fathers' death four years later, Artie quit his Port of Newark longshoreman's' job to play his first gig at New York's Improv in Hell's Kitchen. Gaining steadying success Artie pursued sketch comedy, helping to create the popular improvisation group, "Live On Tape". Doing improvisation landed Artie his major break. He was cast as an original member of Fox's MADtv in 1995. Hollywood success would bring down the comic with substance abuse and a possession for cocaine arrest. Mad TV fired him in 1997. After rehab, depression and a 40-pound weight gain, Lange found himself out of work until Saturday Night Livecomedian Norm MacDonald remembered him. Lange played MacDonald's sidekick in both Dirty Work and ABC's Norm. As a guest during a promotional tour with MacDonald,Howard Stern first heard and liked Lange. Years before, Artie and his father listened daily to the Howard Stern Show. Artie joined the nationally syndicated The Howard Stern Radio Showin 2001, bringing impressions and an average guy prospective to the radio and E network shows. However, his troubled past re-emerged through his years on the Stern show and Artie had fights with various staff members and splits with the show on several occasions up until his suicide attempt in 2010 when he left the show for good. Artie spent 7 months in a rehab center in Florida and emerged stating that he was finally clean and sober. Artie returned to radio in 2011 when, along with his friend Nick DiPaolo, they inked 3-year deals for a nationally syndicated radio show on Fox Sports. The show is called "The Nick and Artie Show".  See full bio on IMDb »

Artie Lange Says 'Heroin Feels Amazing And That's Why You Get Addicted' (AUDIO)

Artie Lange
'Heroin Feels Amazing... That's Why You Get Addicted'

Artie Lange was brutally honest about his heroin addiction ... as bad as it is, it's irresistible.  Artie called into the "Len Berman & Todd Schnitt in the Morning" where he told… READ MORE >

Artie Lange's Sad Mug Shot

Artie Lange
Sad Mug Shot

Artie Lange's mug shot tells a sad story of his fight with addiction. Artie was arrested 8 days ago at his home in Hoboken, NJ. Cops were called to his apartment complex after neighbors complained… READ MORE >

- 6 days ago
Artie Lange Arrested for Heroin and Cocaine Possession in New Jersey

Artie Lange
Arrested for Heroin and Cocaine Possession

Artie Lange was busted with heroin and cocaine in the parking garage of his complex in Hoboken, NJ ... TMZ has learned. According to cops ... the comedian and 'Howard Stern Show' star had… READ MORE >

- 9 days ago
Artie Lange Roasts Odell Beckham ... 'Victoria Beckham Woulda Played Better' (VIDEO)

Artie Lange
Roasts Odell Beckham Victoria Beckham Woulda Played Better

"I figured out that Odell Beckham and Victoria Beckham literally could have switched lives yesterday and nobody woulda noticed." -- Artie Lange Artie is a HUUUGE Giants fan -- in fact, he… READ MORE >

- 75 days ago
Artie Lange -- Bashes A-Rod ... 'Stain On the Yankees, Poison' (VIDEO)

Artie Lange
Bashes A-Rod 'Stain On the Yankees, Poison'

NY Yankees superfan Artie Lange says Alex Rodriguez has been a disaster in the Big Apple -- calling him a stain and a poison ... who's supercharged the downfall of a once proud franchise. … READ MORE >

- 304 days ago
Artie Lange -- Hey Eagles Fans ... Good Luck with Your New Virgin!

Artie Lange
Hey Eagles Fans ... Good Luck with Your New Virgin!

Artie Lange says the best football players ... are the ones who get laid ... which is (partly) why he's TRASHING the Philadelphia Eagles for signing Tim Tebow.  Lange -- HUUUUGE sports fan… READ MORE >

- 706 days ago
Artie Lange -- BANNED at ESPN After Slavery Sex Tweets

Artie Lange
Banned at ESPN After Slavery Sex Tweets

Artie Lange is persona non grata at ESPN after tweeting a slew of sexual and racially charged jokes about a female African-American ESPN host ... TMZ has learned.Lange sparked outrage across… READ MORE >

- 871 days ago
Artie Lange -- The Yankees Are Going To Suck For A Long Time ... I'm Looking at You, A-Rod

Artie Lange
Yanks Will Suck For A Long Time I'm Looking at You, A-Rod

Artie Lange cares about one thing more than NY sports -- keeping it real when NY sports teams blow ... and the diehard Big Apple fan tells TMZ Sports his beloved Yankees are SCREWED ...… READ MORE >

- 892 days ago
Artie Lange Hospitalized For Diabetic Shock

Artie Lange
Hospitalized For Diabetic Shock

4:25 PM PT -- Artie's expected to get out of the hospital tomorrow, according to his rep. We're told he's feeling much better, but he'll be heading home for some rest. As for this weekend's L.A.… READ MORE >

- 1076 days ago
Artie Lange -- Alex Rodriguez Owes Yankees Fans Beers and Hot Dogs

Artie Lange
A-Rod OWES Yankees Fans Free Beers & Hot Dogs

If Alex Rodriguez wants to lounge in the sun while his teammates play baseball ... Artie Lange thinks A-Rod needs to spend some of his $29 million salary on a round of beers -- for all of Yankee… READ MORE >

- 1441 days ago

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