Artie Lange Still Cool W/ Cops!! NYPD Gig After Drug Bust

3/27/2017 12:05 PM PDT

Artie Lange Still Cool With Cops, Performs NYPD Gig After Drug Bust

Exclusive Details

Artie Lange clearly holds no grudges ... because just days after he was busted for drugs he was onstage making hundreds of cops laugh their asses off.

Talk about irony -- the comedian had been booked to perform at the Blue Lives Matter Gala over the weekend ... even before his arrest. We're told there were fears he might not show up due to the heroin and cocaine possession arrest.

But the event went as planned -- with Artie cracking jokes during a 10 minute set for more than 300 NYPD honchos. We're also told Artie, a huge cop supporter, got a lot of support there.

One detective said, "(He's) a real good guy because he owns up to what he does and doesn't blame the system. He's a gentleman."