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Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas, to Virginia Dell (Cassidy) and William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., a traveling salesman. His father died in a car crash three months before Bill was born. He was raised by his grandparents for four years while his mother was in Louisiana studying nursing, in order to support herself and her son. In 1950, his mother married Roger Clinton, whose surname young Bill took; his half-brother, Roger Clinton, was born in 1956. Always interested in politics and working to help people, Clinton majored in International Affairs at Georgetown University. He graduated in 1968 and won a Rhodes Scholarship, which he used to study government at Oxford University. Clinton graduated from Yale Law School in 1973. He then taught law in Arkansas, and ran for political office. He was elected Arkansas Attorney General in 1976, then Governor in 1978. He won re-election in 1982, and served until he won the US Presidency in 1992, becoming the 42nd President of the United States, and winning re-election in 1996.  See full bio on IMDb »

Video of Monica Lewinsky Storming Out of Q&A After Bill Clinton Question

Monica Lewinsky
Here's Why I Ended Q&A ... Clinton Question Crossed the Line!!!

Monica Lewinsky says she was double-crossed by an Israeli journalist who dropped an "off limits" Bill Clinton question ... prompting Monica to bolt mid-interview. She stormed off the stage over… READ MORE >

John McCain Once Challenged Hillary Clinton to Vodka Shots Contest

Ex-Gov. Terry McAuliffe
John McCain vs. Hillary Slamming Vodka Shots GUESS WHO WON?!?

John McCain and Hillary Clinton didn't need a recount when he challenged her to a vodka shots contest ... just ask former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. We got McAuliffe at Fort… READ MORE >

- 20 days ago
Pastor Charles H. Ellis III Says Aretha Franklin's Funeral is NOT a Concert

Aretha Franklin's Funeral
Presiding Pastor Promises We're Taking You to Church, Not a Show

The man in charge of Aretha Franklin's funeral, Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, wants her fans around the world to know one thing -- get ready for church.  The pastor told us he's well… READ MORE >

- 24 days ago
President Trump Announces Brett Kavanaugh as New Supreme Court Nominee

President Trump
Announces Judge Brett Kavanaugh ... As New SCOTUS Nominee

President Trump has tapped his pick for the next Supreme Court justice to replace Anthony Kennedy -- and he's being hailed as a strong conservative choice. The Prez nominated DC Circuit Court… READ MORE >

- 76 days ago
Bill Clinton Says He Doesn't Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

Bill Clinton
I Don't Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

Bill Clinton is revealing -- 20 years after their affair rocked the White House -- he hasn't spoken to Monica Lewinsky, and he's adamant he does NOT owe her an apology.  The former… READ MORE >

- 111 days ago
Bill Clinton Fires Back at Kenny G, Says He Bought a 19th Century Sax

Bill Clinton
My Instrument Blows Kenny G's Away ...

Bill Clinton will bow to Kenny G when it comes to which one of 'em is the better sax player, but he's talking a little trash about who owns a better instrument. We got the ex-Prez… READ MORE >

- 135 days ago
Bill Clinton Reacts to White House Comment John McCain is 'Dying Anyway'

Bill Clinton
Shades White House Over 'Dying' McCain Diss

Former President Bill Clinton embraced John McCain in a big way, clearly throwing shade on the White House staffer who dismissed the Arizona Senator as a guy whose opinion doesn't matter because… READ MORE >

- 135 days ago
Kenny G Says Bill Clinton's Saxophone Not Nearly as Historic as His

Kenny G
My Sax Blows Away Bill Clinton's ... Historically Speaking

Pardon Kenny G if he toots his own horn, but his legendary saxophone deserves to be immortalized before the one Bill Clinton famously played on the campaign trail ... according to… READ MORE >

- 146 days ago
Donald Trump May Be Forced to Take Deposition in Stormy Daniels Case

Donald Trump
Deposition Looms In Stormy Daniels Case

Donald Trump may have to testify under oath before the first day of Summer ... not in the Russia investigation ... but in the Stormy Daniels case. Sources connected to Stormy Daniel's lawyer,… READ MORE >

- 181 days ago
James Carville Laughs Off Trump's Claim He'd Beat Oprah for President in 2020

James Carville
Laughs Off Trump's Claim He'd Beat Oprah

James Carville reacted with sounds and not words when he heard President Trump claimed he could beat Oprah's butt in 2020.  We got the man who engineered Bill… READ MORE >

- 257 days ago
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