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Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is one of the world's most well-known entertainers and comedians. William Henry Cosby, Jr. was born on July 12, 1937, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Anna Pearl (Hite), a maid, and William Henry Cosby, Sr., a U.S. Navy sailor. After tenth grade, Cosby joined the Navy and completed high school through a correspondence course. He later took up an athletics scholarship at Temple University, supporting himself during his studies by tending bar, where his easy-going style and witty joking with the clientèle prompted suggestions that he try stand-up comedy. This he did and was soon to be discovered by the legendary Carl Reiner.In his early twenties, he appeared on many well-known variety programs including The Ed Sullivan Show (aka "The Ed Sullivan Show"). His big break came in 1965 when he appeared as "Alexander Scott" in I Spy, winning numerous Emmys for his performance. He later appeared in The Bill Cosby Show, playing a teacher, although originally the show only lasted for two years. He then created a Filmation cartoon based on many of his high school buddies including Weird Harold, Dumb Donald, Mushmouth, and others: the show was, of course, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The theme was humorous but also focused on Cosby's more educational side. He studied for many years during his career in the 1960s and 1970s, and he received a doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts. Cosby also starred in some highly successful movies such as Uptown Saturday Night, Let's Do It Again, A Piece of the Action, Mother, Jugs & Speed, and California Suite. During his early years he also made some comedy albums that sold very well; his most notable comedy song being "Little Old Man." He was one of the original cast members of The Electric Company, and he was featured in the series Pinwheel during the late 1970s and then appeared in the mediocre The Devil and Max Devlin.In 1984, 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids' stopped production, and The Cosby Show commenced. The show was originally intended to follow a blue-collar family, but finally ended up portraying a white-collar family. It was originally rejected by ABC, accepted by a then-floundering NBC, and was an almost instant success. From 1985 to 1987 the show broke viewing records, with Cosby becoming perhaps the strongest driving force in television during the eighties. Despite this great success, he arguably created his own downfall. The Cosby Show led what was considered by many at that time to be the best night of television: the line-up included Night Court, Hill Street Blues, and Family Ties, which all followed The Cosby Show.Cosby was dissatisfied with the way minorities were portrayed on television. He produced the TV series A Different World and insisted that this program should follow the Cosby Show, rather than Family Ties. A Different World was set in an historically Black college and concentrated on young people and education. Impact was felt on the show immediately; at its peak, the Cosby Show logged an estimated 70 million viewers. However, after the scheduling reshuffle, the show lost roughly 20% of its massive audience. However, Cosby was still riding high in the early nineties until massive competition from The Simpsons.The Cosby Show finally ended in 1992, conceding to The Simpsons, with the final production considered to be one of the highest-rated shows of the season and featured a pleading Cosby asking for peace in riot-torn Los Angeles during the height of the Rodney King riots. Cosby never seemed able to top the success of the Cosby Show; his film Leonard Part 6 was considered to be one of the worst American films in history and may have contributed in part to his downfall as a film actor, along with his performance in Ghost Dad. He did attempt a minor comeback in 1996 starring in the Robin Williams film Jack, which was directed by Francis Ford Coppola; and in another show, Cosby, (starring Phylicia Rashad, who appeared as his wife in the previous Cosby Show). Since then he has produced films such as Men of Honor, and shows including Little Bill.Sadly, his son Ennis was murdered in 1997. Throughout the years, Bill Cosby has taken a socially conscious tone, often associated with family values, coupled with a distinctly urban spin on his style.  See full bio on IMDb »

Bill Cosby Accuser -- We Helped Trump's 'Victims' Come Forward (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby Accuser
We Helped Trump's 'Victims' Come Forward

One of Bill Cosby's accusers says she and all the other women who have spoken out against the comedian empowered Donald Trump's alleged victims. Sarita Butterfield -- a former Playboy model… READ MORE >

Bill Cosby -- Plays the Race Card

Bill Cosby
Plays the Race Card

Bill Cosby is the victim of discrimination and racial hatred ... according to Bill Cosby. Cosby's lawyers just released a statement calling out those who "accuse him of crimes for unwitnessed… READ MORE >

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Bill Cosby Accuser -- Cosby Wants to Bully Me at My Deposition

Bill Cosby Accuser
Cosby Wants to Bully Me at My Depo

Bill Cosby is trying to scare his chief accuser by way of bullying and intimidation ... so claims Andrea Constand.   The woman at the center of Cosby's criminal sexual assault case is suing… READ MORE >

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Bill Cosby -- Loser Flies Home (PHOTO)

Bill Cosby
Loser Flies Home

Bill Cosby took the sting out of a major court defeat by getting the hell out of Dodge ... on a private jet. A dejected looking Cosby boarded the plane after a Pennsylvania judge ruled his… READ MORE >

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Bill Cosby -- I Wasn't 'Dating' Chloe Goins ... She Has NO Case

Bill Cosby
I Wasn't 'Dating' Chloe Goins ... She Has NO Case

Bill Cosby accuser Chloe Goins has no clue what it means to be in a "relationship" with someone -- and that's one reason Cosby wants her sexual assault case thrown out of court. TMZ… READ MORE >

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Hugh Hefner to Cosby Accuser -- Dragging Me Into Your Suit is a Sham

Hugh Hefner to Cosby Accuser
Dragging Me Into Your Suit is a Sham

Hugh Hefner's no rapist enabler ... so dragging his name into Bill Cosby's sexual assault case is ABSURD ... so claims Hef in new legal docs obtained by TMZ. The Playboy magazine founder just… READ MORE >

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Bill Cosby -- Ordered to Stand Trial for Sexual Assault (VIDEO)

Bill Cosby
Ordered to Stand Trial for Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman. A Pennsylvania judge just ruled, there is probable cause to believe the comedian drugged Andrea Constand… READ MORE >

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Bill Cosby -- Admits Sexual Relations with Teens ... Agent Paid Hush Money

Bill Cosby
Admits Sexual Relations with Teens Agent Paid Hush Money

Bill Cosby had sexual contact with 2 teenage girls, and his agent paid off one of them so his wife wouldn't find out ... this according to a newly-released deposition.  The revelations came… READ MORE >

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Hugh Hefner -- Deposed at Playboy Mansion in Cosby Case

Hugh Hefner
Deposed at Playboy Mansion In Cosby Case

Hugh Hefner got put under oath at the Playboy Mansion Wednesday in one of the Bill Cosby sexual assault lawsuits ... TMZ has learned. We've learned Gloria Allred fired off a slew of questions to… READ MORE >

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Hugh Hefner -- Added to Bill Cosby Sexual Battery Lawsuit

Hugh Hefner
Added to Cosby Sexual Battery Lawsuit

The woman who claims Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion has just added Hugh Hefner to the lawsuit, claiming he knew of Cosby's predilections of alleged serial sexual battery… READ MORE >

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