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Claudia Jordan

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Claudia's parents met when her father was in the Air Force, stationed at Brindisi, Italy where he met her mother, an Italian native. She was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island where as an East Providence High School student, she was selected for the All State Track and Field team. She participated in three Junior Olympics and finished third in the long jump at the East Coast Invitational. After high school, she attended Baldwin Wallace College in Ohio where she majored in broadcasting and journalism. She had her own campus radio program, worked at the Providence American Newspaper and at the Boston television station WHDH-TV. She represented Rhode Island as Miss Teen USA in 1991 and Miss USA in 1997. In addition, she has done many commercials for such companies as Coor's Light, Sears, Denny's and Pepsi.  See full bio on IMDb »

Claudia Jordan Talks About Meghan Markle on 'Deal or No Deal'

Claudia Jordan on Meghan Markle
Stuffing Bra, Weight Watching ... Part of the Job!!

Claudia Jordan said models are a lot like boxers -- making weight and looking the part is totally part of the job. We got Claudia outside Delilah Sunday night in WeHo and asked her… READ MORE >

Claudia Jordan Says Donald Trump and Company Committed Treason (VIDEO)

Claudia Jordan
Trump and Co. Committed Treason!!!

Claudia Jordan is up on her current events ... she pretty much has an opinion about all things Trump. Claudia was leaving Tao Friday night when she talked Jared Kushner, Russia, NATO, Hillary and… READ MORE >

- 202 days ago
April the Giraffe Is NOT for Black People, According to Claudia Jordan (VIDEO)

Claudia Jordan
Black People Don't Watch Pregnant Giraffes

Apologies to April the Giraffe, but Claudia Jordan and all other black people just don't care if she ever gives birth ... at least that's what Claudia thinks. The former 'Real… READ MORE >

- 259 days ago
Claudia Jordan, Keep Abortion Legal for Casey Anthony (VIDEO)

Claudia Jordan
Keep Abortion Legal For Casey Anthony

Claudia Jordan wants Planned Parenthood to remain alive and strong, in case Casey Anthony makes good on her veiled wish to have more kids. Claudia was leaving Catch in WeHo Thursday when she… READ MORE >

- 280 days ago
Claudia Jordan -- Glamour Is Run by MathHoles ... 6 Does NOT Equal Plus Size (VIDEO)

Claudia Jordan
Glamour Mag Run by MathHoles ... 6 Does NOT Equal Plus Size

Claudia Jordan's got Amy Schumer's back -- be it size 6, 7 or 8 -- in the comedian's weight war with Glamour magazine. Claudia weighed in on the debate about the mag including Amy in its… READ MORE >

- 617 days ago
Claudia Jordan -- Injured in Six-Car Pileup (PHOTO)

Claudia Jordan
Injured in Six-Car Pileup

Claudia Jordan got caught smack in the middle of a massive pileup Wednesday in Atlanta ... TMZ has learned.  According to our sources, Jordan and her friend were driving on Interstate 20… READ MORE >

- 904 days ago
Kim Zolciak -- NeNe Leakes Doesn't Call the Shots ... Claudia Jordan's Just Boring (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak
NeNe Doesn't Call the Shots ... Claudia's Just Boring

Kim Zolciak isn't about to let NeNe Leakes come off like she's the queen bee of 'RHOA' -- and doesn't believe for a second her nemesis has the power to get anyone canned off the show. Kim blew up… READ MORE >

- 906 days ago
Claudia Jordan -- Booted Off 'RHOA' ... Housewives Dropping Like Flies

Claudia Jordan
Booted Off 'RHOA' 'Housewives' Dropping Like Flies

Claudia Jordan learned the hard way not to mess with Nene Leakes …  because she's been fired ... TMZ has learned. We’re told that producers gave her the ax this week … and… READ MORE >

- 909 days ago
'Real Housewives' NeNe Leakes -- Warns Kenya and Claudia ... Call Me Bipolar and I'll Sue

'Real Housewives' NeNe Leakes
Warns Kenya and Claudia Call Me Bipolar and I'll Sue

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes says it doesn't matter they're all on a reality show  -- if Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan don't zip their lips she'll sue.Both Moore and Jordan… READ MORE >

- 1052 days ago
Claudia Jordan -- Sorry, Nene Leakes ... My Lady Parts Are Fully Intact!

Claudia Jordan
Sorry, Nene ... My Lady Parts Are Fully Intact!

Claudia Jordan wants to make two things clear: Her dislike of Nene Leakes is LEGIT ... and her pleasure point is doing just fine. Claudia and Nene engaged in an epic war of words during the last… READ MORE >

- 1066 days ago
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