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Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States of America as the Republic nominee in the 2016 Race for the White House by taking victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 8, 2016. Trump ran on the campaign promise to “Make America Great Again.” He was sworn into office at his Inauguration on January 20, 2017. Prior to entering politics, Trump made his fortune in real estate as a developer of office and residential buildings, hotels, and golf courses. He previously hosted and executive produced the NBC reality competition shows “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice,” becoming known for the phrase, “You’re fired!” Trump formerly owned the Miss Universe organization, but it was sold to WME/IMG in 2015. He has written over 14 best selling books, including “The Art of the Deal,” and has turned his name into a brand, putting his moniker on products such as clothing, water, and fragrances. Trump was born June 14, 1946 to parents Mary and Fred Trump in Queens, NY. He graduated from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to follow in his father’s footsteps as a real estate mogul. Trump has been married three times. He has three children with first wife, Ivana Trump (1979-1992) – Donald, Jr., Ivanka, and Eric – one daughter with second wife, Marla Maples (1993-1999) – Tiffany – and one son with current wife, First Lady Melania Trump (2005-present) – Barron. Trump also has eight grandchildren.

Congressman Adam Schiff Blames Obama and Trump For Russian Hacking

Congressman Adam Schiff
Blames Obama and Trump for Russian Hacking

Congressman Adam Schiff blames former President Obama for not standing up to the Russians while they were hacking Hillary Clinton's emails during the election, but he thinks Trump is a shameless… READ MORE >

Johnny Depp Apologizes For Joke About Assassinating President Trump

Johnny Depp
I'm Sorry, Mr. President ... I Made A Bad Joke

Johnny Depp is apologizing for his joke about assassinating President Trump, saying he didn't mean any harm by it. Johnny released a statement admitting the "bad joke" he told Thursday to the… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Johnny Depp Condemned by White House for Donald Trump Assassination Remark

Johnny Depp
White House Calls for Hollywood Backlash After Assassination Crack

Johnny Depp's assassination remark about President Trump will cost him dearly ... in Hollywood ... if the White House gets its way. Trump's been silent about Depp saying, "When was the last time… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Donald Trump Says Obama May Have Planted Secret Recorders in Oval Office

Donald Trump
Says Obama May Have Planted Secret Recorders In Oval Office

Donald Trump has created an outlandish justification for suggesting 42 days ago that his conversation with then FBI Director James Comey may have been recorded ... and he's pointing the finger at… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Judge Judy Says Bad Form, Johnny Depp for Cracking Trump Assassination Joke

Judge Judy
Bad Form, Johnny Depp For Cracking Trump Assassination Joke

Judge Judy thinks Johnny Depp is in the clear for his Trump assassination wisecrack, but that doesn't mean she thinks it's ok. Judy and hubby Jerry Sheindlin were in WeHo Thursday night leaving… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Dennis Rodman to Trump: We Can Make Peace with N. Korea Together!

Dennis Rodman to Trump:
We Can Make Peace with N. Korea ... Together!

Dennis Rodman just sent a message to Donald Trump -- call me, so we can make peace with North Korea together!  And yeah, he's dead serious.  The Worm -- who just got back from N. Korea… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
Congressman Cedric Richmond Calls Out Trump, NRA, Philando Castile Was Not a Threat to Cops

Congressman Cedric Richmond
Slams Trump, NRA Philando Castile Was NO Threat to Cops

President Trump and the National Rifle Ass'n are stereotyping all black men as dangerous, and the proof is their silence over the killing of Philando Castile ... so says Congressman Cedric… READ MORE >

- 4 days ago
President Trump Called Out for Cardinal Sin On Golf Course

President Trump
Called Out for Cardinal Sin Driving Cart On Golf Green??

President Trump's got a new scandal on his hands, and this one goes deep ... like the 18th hole deep. A video's surfaced of the Prez golfing during one of his weekend trips to Bedminster, his NJ… READ MORE >

- 5 days ago
Al Sharpton Says If Trump Can Tweet, He Can Selfie All He Wants

Rev. Al Sharpton
If Trump Can Tweet, I Can Selfie ... It's My Nat'l Holiday Right!

In case you haven't noticed, Al Sharpton's been taking a lot of selfies lately ... and it might be because of Donald Trump. We got the the civil rights leader Wednesday in NYC, and asked what a… READ MORE >

- 6 days ago
Austin Rivers Says He'd Boycott Trump White House

Austin Rivers
I'd Boycott Trump White House ... If Clips Won

L.A. Clippers star Austin Rivers was straight and to the point when we asked if he'd go to the White House to visit President Trump if he won the NBA championship.  "NOPE." It's a question… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
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