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J.R. Smith

Basketball player Earl “J.R.” Smith III was born on September 9, 1985 to parents Ida, a consignment store owner, and Earl Smith, a mason contractor. He was raised in Lakewood, NJ alongside five siblings. His athletic prowess stood out at a young age. He was named co-MVP of the 2004 McDonald’s All-Star Game in high school, a title he shared with Dwight Howard. He was drafted that year in the first round as the 18th overall pick straight out of high school. Smith won the 2016 NBA Championships as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s also played for the Hornets, Nuggets, and Knicks, as well as one season in a Chinese league. He was named the 2012-2013 Sixth Man of the Year while on the Knicks. Smith, who goes by the nickname Swish, owns a sneaker store in his hometown called Team Swish. Just days after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Ashley Weatherspoon, Smith eloped with Jewel “Shirley” Harris, with whom he already shared a daughter, Demi. The couple welcomed a second daughter, Dakota “Kota Bear,” in January 2017 just 21 or 22 weeks into the pregnancy. The baby weighed only 1 pound at birth, but was nursed to health. Smith also has another child, Payton, with an ex.

Cleveland Cavs Scrubbing LeBron from Team Shop, Slashing Jersey Prices

Cleveland Cavs
Scrubbing LeBron from Team Shop ... Slashing Jersey Prices

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LeBron James Risks It All To Jump Off A Cliff In Anguilla

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J.R. Smith's NBA Finals Game 1 Meltdown Jersey Sells for $23k

J.R. Smith
Game 1 Meltdown Jersey Sells For $23,500!!

How much dough would you cough up to own a piece of the biggest boneheaded play of 2018?? For one fan, the magic number is a whoppin' $23,548!! ... 'cause that's what J.R. Smith's NBA Finals Game… READ MORE >

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J.R. Smith's Brainfart Cavs Jersey Auction Over $11,000

J.R. Smith
Brainfart Cavs Jersey Auction ... Over $11,000!!!

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NBA's Sterling Brown Claims Milwaukee PD Officer Joked About Beating J.R. Smith

NBA's Sterling Brown:
Cop Joked About Beating J.R. Smith

Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown claims one of the cops involved in his violent arrest later joked about unleashing a similar beating on J.R. Smith ... this according to Brown's… READ MORE >

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Nick Young Takes on J.R. Smith in NBA Parade Edition of 'Who Wore it Better'

Nick Young & J.R. Smith
Skins Vs. Skins ... Who Wore It Better?!

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Kevin Durant Says J.R. Smith's Bonehead Play 'Broke' The Cavs

Kevin Durant
J.R. Smith's Bonehead Play 'Broke' The Cavs!!

J.R. Smith's Game 1 blunder wasn't just responsible for LeBron breaking his hand ... it was also the reason the Warriors broke the Cavs -- so says Kevin Durant. K.D. went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"… READ MORE >

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Derek Fisher Says Do NOT Bench J.R. Smith, Here's Why ...

Derek Fisher
Do NOT Bench J.R. Smith ... Here's Why.

Derek Fisher is going to bat for his former player J.R. Smith -- telling TMZ Sports the Cavs should NOT quit on the shooting guard after his brain fart during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. … READ MORE >

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Cavaliers vs. Warriors: The Hottest WAGS of the NBA Finals

NBA Finals
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Brian McKnight Says Fans Shouldn't Let George Hill Off the Hook For Cavs Loss

Brian McKnight
Don't Let George Hill Off The Hook He Screwed Up Too

Brian McKnight is reminding the world that J.R. Smith isn't traveling alone on the screw-up train ... telling TMZ Sports George Hill deserves just as much blame for the Cavs' loss. You… READ MORE >

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