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James Harrison

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Lanky, charismatic and versatile actor with an amazing grin that put everyone at ease, James Coburn studied acting at UCLA, and then moved to New York to study under noted acting coach Stella Adler. After being noticed in several stage productions, Coburn appeared in a handful of minor westerns before being cast as the knife-throwing, quick-shooting Britt in the John Sturges mega-hit The Magnificent Seven (1960). Sturges remembered Coburn's talents when he cast his next major film project, The Great Escape (1963), where Coburn played the Australian POW Sedgewick. Regular work now came thick and fast for Coburn, including appearing in Major Dundee (1965), the first of several films he appeared in directed by Hollywood enfant terrible Sam Peckinpah. The next two years were a key period for Coburn, with his performances in the wonderful 007 spy spoof Our Man Flint (1966) and the eerie Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966). Coburn followed up in 1967 with a Flint sequel, In Like Flint (1967), and the much underrated political satire The President's Analyst (1967). The remainder of the 1960s was rather uneventful for Coburn. However, he became associated with martial arts legend Bruce Lee and the two trained together, traveled extensively and even visited India scouting locations for a proposed film project, but Lee's untimely death (Coburn, along with Steve McQueen, was a pallbearer at Lee's funeral) put an end to that. The 1970s saw Coburn appearing again in several strong roles, starting off in Peckinpah's Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973), alongside Charles Bronson in the Depression-era Hard Times (1975) and as a disenchanted German soldier on the Russian front in Peckinpah's superb Cross of Iron (1977). Towards the end of the decade, however, Coburn was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which severely hampered his health and work output for many years. After conventional treatments failed, Coburn turned to a holistic therapist, and through a restructured diet program, made a definite improvement. By the 1990s he was once again appearing regularly in both film and TV productions. No one was probably more surprised than Coburn himself when he was both nominated for, and then won, the Best Supporting Actor Award in 1997 for playing Nick Nolte's abusive and alcoholic father in Affliction (1997). At 70 years of age, Coburn's career received another shot in the arm, and he appeared in another 14 films, including Snow Dogs (2002) and The Man from Elysian Fields (2001), before his death from a heart attack in November of 2002. Coburn's passions in life included martial arts, card playing and enjoying fine Cuban cigars!  See full bio on IMDb »

James Harrison: I Got My Own Custom AK-47!

James Harrison
I Got A Custom AK-47 ... Say Hello To My Little Friend!!

This is a first ... a star athlete with his own CUSTOM AK-47!! That athlete would be Patriots LB James Harrison -- who showed off his new piece on social media on Tuesday. He's dubbing… READ MORE >

Jonathan Vilma Says Patriots 'Definitely' Signed James Harrison Just for Intel

Jonathan Vilma
Pats Only Signed Harrison for Intel

Jonathan Vilma ain't mincing words when it comes to the Patriots' James Harrison pickup ... saying Steelers intel is "definitely" the only reason Deebo's in New England.  "(Bill) Belichick… READ MORE >

- 53 days ago
Mark Wahlberg: James Harrison to Pats?! 'Defense Just Got A Lot Better!'

Mark Wahlberg
James Harrison to Pats?! 'Defense Just Got A Lot Better!'

Mark Wahlberg is PUMPED his New England Patriots signed James Harrison -- and he made a video straight from his boat welcoming the ex-Steelers star to the squad.  "Did you hear the news?"… READ MORE >

- 55 days ago
James Harrison: I Never Threatened Anthem Protesters, Fake News

James Harrison
I Never Threatened Anthem Protesters

Pittsburgh Steelers badass James Harrison is opening up about how he REALLY feels about national anthem protesters ... in the wake of a fake threat attributed to him last week.  The false… READ MORE >

- 186 days ago
James Harrison vs NFL Rookie in Savage Strength Showdown

James Harrison vs. Duke Riley
Savage Strength Showdown Movin' 7,300 lbs.

James Harrison is the KING of crazy strength training videos ... but an NFL rookie might be comin' for the throne. In the blue corner ... 39-year-old Steelers LB pushing a sled weighing OVER… READ MORE >

- 215 days ago
Steelers' James Harrison Back In Gym at 5 AM ... NO DAYS OFF (VIDEO)

James Harrison
NO DAYS OFF Back In the Gym at 5 AM

Just HOURS after crushing the KC Chiefs' Super Bowl dreams ... 38-year-old James Harrison was back in the gym -- getting ready for New England. The guy is an absolute maniac ... busting out speed… READ MORE >

- 400 days ago
NFL's James Harrison -- Gifted $4k Bottle Of Henny ... Has Better Co-Workers Than You (PHOTO)

NFL's James Harrison
Gifted $4k Bottle Of Henny ... Has Better Co-Workers Than You

Want another reason why it's great to be James Harrison -- besides 2 Super Bowls and the ability to beat up everyone? You get awesome gifts ... and JH just got one, a $4k bottle of booze. The… READ MORE >

- 449 days ago
Pittsburgh Steelers -- Coolest.Video.Ever. ... Freeze Time With 'Mannequin Challenge' (VIDEO)

Pittsburgh Steelers
Coolest.Video.Ever. ... Freeze Time With 'Mannequin Challenge'

Here's super cool video of the Pittsburgh Steelers joining in the latest Internet craze ... the "Mannequin Challenge." It's basically a bunch of guys standing still in a fixed poses ...… READ MORE >

- 473 days ago
NFL -- Clears James Harrison, Clay Matthews & Julius Peppers ... In PED Case

Clears Harrison, Matthews & Peppers... In PED Investigation

That noise? James Harrison, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers all breathing a sigh of relief ... 'cause the NFL just announced the players have been cleared by the leagues PED investigation. The… READ MORE >

- 538 days ago
NFL's William Gay -- Loses Big By Winning ... Credit Card Roulette (VIDEO)

NFL's William Gay
Loses Big By Winning ... Credit Card Roulette

NFL player William Gay just learned a very important life lesson ... sometimes when you win, you completely freakin' lose in a major way ... especially when the game is credit card roulette. Gay… READ MORE >

- 543 days ago
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