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Jeremy Meeks

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Jeremy Meeks is an actor, known for Dummy (2005).  See full bio on IMDb »

Jeremy Meeks Is Already Dropping Dough On Baby Boy Gear

Jeremy Meeks
Already Dropping Dough On Baby ... Hinting It's a Boy

Hot felon Jeremy Meeks and his billionaire heiress gf, Chloe Green, were already shopping for baby gear in mid-February and the signs point to them having a boy. Sources tell us Jeremy and Chloe… READ MORE >

Jeremy Meeks and Girlfriend Chloe Green Expecting First Child Together

Jeremy Meeks
My GF Chloe Green Is Preggo ... Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!!!

Jeremy Meeks is now permanently tapped into on the Topshop fortune -- 'cause he knocked up his heiress gf, Chloe Green.  Sources connected to the couple confirm Chloe and the so-called… READ MORE >

- 24 days ago
Jeremy Meeks Strikes Divorce Deal, Agrees to Pay Child Support

Jeremy Meeks
Cuts Divorce Deal Agrees to Pay Child Support

Jeremy Meeks will be a little lighter in the pockets ... because he's agreed to pay child support. Jeremy struck a deal in his divorce case and will pay his estranged wife, Melissa, $1,000 a… READ MORE >

- 46 days ago
Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks' GF Chloe Green Wearing Huge Diamond Ring

Jeremy Meeks
Back on the Horse? GF Is Rocking a Giant Diamond

Looks like Jeremy Meeks is moving quickly -- the massive rock on his gf Chloe Green screams we're engaged. The couple hasn't announced anything yet, but Chloe's left hand was weighed down Friday… READ MORE >

- 126 days ago
Jeremy Meeks' Estranged Wife Blasts Him for Slut Shaming

Jeremy Meeks' Estranged Wife
Tell Your Lawyer Stop Slut Shaming Me!!!

Jeremy Meeks' estranged wife put him and his attorney on blast for slut shaming her, and going MIA on his son ... financially and otherwise.  Melissa Meeks just filed legal docs asking for… READ MORE >

- 136 days ago
Jeremy Meeks and Estranged Wife Melissa Hashing Out Divorce Settlement

Jeremy and Melissa Meeks
We're Trying to Settle Our Divorce Case

Jeremy and Melissa Meeks were supposed to sit down in a room to mediate their divorce, but everyone was a no-show and we've learned it's because the lawyers are trying to work out a settlement.… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
Jeremy Meeks Does Not Want to Pay Estranged Wife Melissa Spousal Support

Jeremy Meeks
My Estranged Wife Doesn't Deserve Spousal Support

Jeremy Meeks is playing hardball with his estranged wife, arguing she's not entitled to a penny of spousal support. Jeremy filed legal docs in his divorce case with Melissa Meeks, in which he says… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks Bristles Over Wife's Miscarriage

Jeremy Meeks
Gives Death Stare Over Wife's Miscarriage

Jeremy Meeks has a hot button ... anyone asking about his estranged wife's miscarriage -- beware of the stare. We got the "hot felon" leaving Catch with his GF, heiress Chloe Green, where… READ MORE >

- 163 days ago
'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks' Ex Claims He's Making $1 Million Per Month

Jeremy Meeks
Hauling in $1 Mil Per Month!! Estranged Wife Claims

Jeremy Meeks is sitting on a massive pile of cash ... at least according to his estranged wife, who's demanding her fair share. Melissa Meeks is declaring her income and estimating Jeremy's as… READ MORE >

- 170 days ago
Jeremy Meeks' Ex Demands Child Support from Big-Headed 'Playboy'

Jeremy Meeks' Ex
Hey, Playboy with the Billionaire GF ... Pay for Your Kid!!!

Jeremy Meeks is an absentee father whose success as the so-called "Hot Felon" went straight to his head ... so claims his estranged wife. Melissa Meeks filed docs demanding child and… READ MORE >

- 173 days ago
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