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Jimmy Garoppolo

Joe Theismann Rips NFL's Roughing-The-Passer Rule, 'It's Absurd!'

Joe Theismann
Rips NFL's Roughing-The-Passer Rule ... 'It's Absurd!'

Joe Theismann says the NFL should straight-up just take the pads off QBs now ... 'cause the league's new roughing-the-passer penalty "has reached the point of absurdity." The ex-Redskins… READ MORE >

Kiara Mia Down For Porn Parody Of Date Night With Jimmy Garoppolo

Kiara Mia
Jimmy G Date Night Porn Parody?? ... I'm Down!!

Wondering how Jimmy Garoppolo's famous date night with Kiara Mia ended up?? Good news ... Kiara tells TMZ Sports she's down to take all the imagination out of it for you -- and make a legit… READ MORE >

- 78 days ago
Kiara Mia Says Jimmy Garoppolo's a 'Motherf***in' Star' and Will Have Big Week 2

Kiara Mia
Guarantees Big Week 2 for Jimmy G He's a 'Motherf***in' Star!!!'

Kiara Mia isn't bailing on 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo after one bad game, because she says he "radiates greatness" ... and you can't hold him back for long. We got the popular porn star at the… READ MORE >

- 86 days ago
Jerry Rice Says 49ers Should Sign Dez Bryant, 'He Can Help Us!'

Jerry Rice
49ers Should Sign Dez Bryant ... 'He Can Help Us!'

Wanna know how to help fix the San Francisco 49ers' passing attack?? Go get Dez Bryant ... at least, that's what Jerry Rice says. ICYMI ... Jimmy Garoppolo got wrecked by the Vikings on Sunday --… READ MORE >

- 91 days ago
Ron Jaworski Says Jimmy Garoppolo Is Like Young & Montana, He Can Be A Hall Of Famer!

Ron Jaworski
Garoppolo Is Like Young & Montana He Can Be A Hall Of Famer!

Jimmy Garoppolo's only started five games for the 49ers, but that's all Ron Jaworski's needed to see -- 'cause he's telling TMZ Sports the S.F. QB "absolutely" can be a Hall of Famer!! "When I… READ MORE >

- 93 days ago
Chandler Parsons Respects Porn Stars, But I'd Never Date One!!

Chandler Parsons
Respect For Porn Stars ... But, I'd Never Date One!!

One of the NBA's greatest playboys has weighed in ... and sorry, Jimmy Garoppolo -- Chandler Parsons says dating a porn star is a line he wouldn't cross. "You know what, I respect their hustle,"… READ MORE >

- 136 days ago
Lil Wayne Thanks Kyle Shanahan For Naming Son After Him With Cool Gifts!!

Lil Wayne To Kyle Shananan
Thanks For Naming Son After Me ... Gifts For You!!

Lil Wayne just showed 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan that flattery will get you everywhere ... lacing the 49ers coach and his son with gifts after finding out the kid was named after him. Ex-NFL… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
Johnny Manziel Defends Jimmy Garoppolo, Let Him Date Porn Stars!!

Johnny Manziel
Defends Jimmy G Let Him Date Porn Stars!!

Johnny Manziel says Jimmy Garoppolo's date with a porn star is no big deal ... and hooking up with Kiara Mia could actually make the Niners superstar a BETTER quarterback!! The new Montreal… READ MORE >

- 137 days ago
Jimmy Garoppolo Breaks Silence on Kiara Mia, 'Good Learning Experience'

Jimmy Garoppolo
Breaks Silence on Kiara Mia 'Good Learning Experience'

San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo sounds like he regrets his very public date with porn star Kiara Mia ... implying that he's going to be much more careful when he's out in public.  It… READ MORE >

- 138 days ago
Kiara Mia Kicks It with International Soccer Stars

Kiara Mia
Kicks It with International Soccer Stars

Seems porn superstar Kiara Mia is moving from football to futbol ... because she was hanging out with some world-famous soccer stars Monday night and TMZ Sports has the footage.  Mia was… READ MORE >

- 139 days ago
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