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Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball played basketball as a freshman guard for the UCLA Bruins during the 2016-2017 season. He contributed to the team’s winning record, although they lost to Kentucky in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament. He has elected to leave school to enter the NBA Draft, which will occur on June 22, 2017. Ball grew up in Los Angeles idolizing NBA great Magic Johnson. Johnson is now the Lakers president of basketball operations. Ball would ideally love to play for his hometown team and for his role model, but would happily accept a position on any team for the opportunity to play pro ball. Ball was born on October 27, 1997 to parents LaVar and Tina. He has two younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, who are also standout athletes. The trio is known as the “Ball Brothers.” Ball’s mother suffered a stroke on February 21, 2017 and underwent skull surgery. His father reportedly prevented him and his brothers from visiting her in the hospital.

Ben Simmons Cheesin' at Lonzo Ball Domination at the Club

Ben Simmons
Cheesin' at the Club ... After Lonzo Ball Domination!!

How did it feel to jam the rock down Lonzo Ball's throat??  Ben Simmons wouldn't say ... but his smirk told us everything we needed to know. TMZ Sports got Ben hitting Delilah and… READ MORE >

LiAngelo Ball Gets Real Talk from Ex-Laker, 'I'm Scared for Him'

LiAngelo Ball
Real Talk from Ex-Laker 'I'm Scared for Him'

The LiAngelo Ball arrest is no joke -- it's really scary -- and ex-Lakers player Devean George says the entire Ball family better be taking the situation seriously.  "I'm scared for him,"… READ MORE >

- 34 days ago
LiAngelo Ball & UCLA Offered Help From U.S. State Department

LiAngelo Ball & UCLA
Help Offered From U.S. State Department

The U.S. State Dept. tells TMZ Sports they are aware of the LiAngelo Ball, UCLA shoplifting arrests in China ... and are ready to step in if called upon.  ‎"We are aware of reports of… READ MORE >

- 34 days ago
Gilbert Arenas Says Lonzo Ball Is Okay, But The Other Lakers Suck Bad

Gilbert Arenas
Lonzo's Not Bad ... But Rest Of Lakers Suck

Gilbert Arenas thinks Lonzo Ball is off to a pretty decent start, but tells TMZ Sports they can't really shine in L.A. just yet BECAUSE THE REST OF HIS TEAM IS SUPER TRASH. Here's Gil's… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
ScHoolboy Q: Hell No Would I Collab with Lonzo Ball, 'Stick to Basketball!'

Schoolboy Q
Would I Collab with Lonzo Ball?? ... 'HELL NAH'

Rapper ScHoolboy Q's got an ice-cold reality check for Lonzo Ball -- saying the Lakers superstar needs to get the hell out the studio and "STICK TO BASKETBALL." With Lonzo droppin' more tracks in… READ MORE >

- 39 days ago
DJ Quik Says He'll Work With Lonzo Ball If He Can Actually Rap

DJ Quik
I'd Work With Lonzo ... If He Can Actually Rap

Classic good news/bad news situation for Lonzo Ball ... good news is that one of the greatest producers in hip-hop history says he's totally down to work with Ball. Bad news is that this guy ...… READ MORE >

- 42 days ago
LaVar Ball: Lonzo's Killing It So Far, 'I Know He's Great'

LaVar Ball:
Lonzo's Killing It So Far 'I Know He's Great'

Welcome to the Lonzo Ball 6-game rookie season breakdown with your host ... LaVar Ball!  So, LaVar ... the Lakers are 2-4, but how do you think Lonzo looks so far?  "How would I… READ MORE >

- 43 days ago
Metta World Peace Ain't Sold On Lonzo Ball Yet

Metta World Peace
I'm Not Sold on Lonzo Ball ... Yet

Metta World Peace wants all basketball critics to CHILL with the Lonzo Ball takes ... 'cause the ex-Laker says it's way too early to tell if the Big Baller is the real deal. We spoke… READ MORE >

- 46 days ago
John Wall Hits Nightclub After Losing to Lakers, 'No Beef' with LaVar

John Wall
Hits Nightclub After Losing to Lakers ... 'No Beef' with LaVar

John Wall wasn't too bummed out after losing his "No Mercy" game against Lonzo Ball's Lakers -- hitting up Warwick nightclub ... and telling TMZ Sports there's no bad blood.  The Washington… READ MORE >

- 47 days ago
Charles Barkley: I Woulda Gone For Lonzo Ball's Head If I Played Against Him

Charles Barkley
I Woulda Gone for Lonzo's Head ... If I Played Against Him

Charles Barkley ain't shy about what he'd do to Lonzo Ball if they played in the same era ... saying he'd try to take the kid's head clean off as punishment for his father's antics.  "I… READ MORE >

- 49 days ago
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