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Michael Madsen

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Michael Madsen's long career spans 25 years and more than 170 films in which he has played memorable characters in myriad box office hits, including: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) Sin City (2005), Hell Ride (2008), Die Another Day (2002), Donnie Brasco (1997), Species (1995), The Getaway (1994), Thelma & Louise (1991), and Free Willy (1993). Michael is notably recognized for his role as Mr. Blonde, in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (1992). Michael was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Elaine Madsen (née Melson), an Emmy-winning writer, producer, and poet, and Calvin Madsen, a firefighter. He is the brother of actress Virginia Madsen. His paternal grandparents were Danish. In recent years, Madsen has received Best Actor awards for his role in the Irish boxing film Strength and Honour, from the New York International Film Festival, the Boston Film Festival and the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival. Madsen received the Golden Dolphin Award at the 25th Festroia Festival in Portugal, an award also given to veterans Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum. In 2012, Madsen was named President of the first annual Champs Elysees Film Festival in France which honored producer Harvey Weinstein. Recent television appearances include guest starring roles on The Mob Doctor (2012), Golden Boy (2013)and Blue Bloods (2010). Madsen is well recognized as an accomplished poet. His first book "Burning In Paradise" with a Foreword by Dennis Hopper, won the Independent Firecracker Award and was later translated into Norwegian. He has a world-wide following with his work, honored at International Poetry Festivals in Genoa, Italy and Mexico . He was recently the Guest of Honor at the Crossing Border Festival in Netherlands. His "The Complete Poetic Works" is an international bestseller. This was followed by his "Signs of Life" dedicated to Chris Penn. This unique work combined his new poetry with his own original photography. His next book of poetry "American Badass"was dedicated to the memory of the late David Carradine, his friend and Kill Bill co-star. His newest book "Expecting Rain" has a Foreword by Jerry Hopkins.  See full bio on IMDb »

Michael Madsen: Little Crazy? Yes. Suicidal? No!

Michael Madsen
Little Crazy? Yes. Suicidal? No!

Michael Madsen was taken to the hospital in London after a night of drinking -- but reports of him being placed on suicide watch are "not even close" ... sources tell TMZ. We're told Madsen did… READ MORE >

Michael Madsen Allegedly Screwed the Pool Boy

Michael Madsen Allegedly Screwed the Pool Boy

Michael Madsen's swimming in some serious hot water -- all because he allegedly stiffed the guy who cleans his pool. According to a lawsuit just filed in small claims court, the "Kill Bill" star… READ MORE >

- 2874 days ago
Michael Madsen -- Go Big or Go Homeless

Michael Madsen
Go Big or Go Homeless

Being broke usually means it's time to make sacrifices, but not for Michael Madsen -- dude declared bankruptcy, then allegedly racked up $80,000 in unpaid rent on a mansion ... and now faces… READ MORE >

- 2969 days ago
Brad Pitt Slammed by Former Co-Star

Brad Pitt Slammed by Former Co-Star

We didn't think it was possible -- but there's someone in the world who doesn't think Brad Pitt is perfect, and it's one of his former co-stars.Michael Madsen, who was also in "Thelma &… READ MORE >

- 3039 days ago
Michael Madsen -- In Debt to the Rich & Famous

Michael Madsen
In Debt to the Rich & Famous

Nothing ruins a good friendship like money -- so it's safe to say Pierce Brosnan and Quentin Tarantino won't be talking to Michael Madsen anytime soon.Seems Madsen is in debt to both guys big… READ MORE >

- 3095 days ago
Michael Madsen -- Taken Away on a 5150!

Michael Madsen
Taken Away on a 5150!

Britney Spears has a neighbor in 5150 City: Michael Madsen, aka Mr. Blonde.We've learned Madsen was taken away from his home by L.A. Sheriff's deputies Monday around 2:00 PM after a family member… READ MORE >

- 3340 days ago
Brett Favre Hater Gets Destroyed in Madsen '08

Brett Favre Hater Gets Destroyed in Madsen '08

It is the sworn duty of any legitimate football fan to defend the honor of NY Jets QB/living god Brett Favre -- even if it means going ballistic on some poor smacktalking schmuck at LAX.Yesterday,… READ MORE >

- 3369 days ago
Mr. Blonde Gets Red With Anger

Mr. Blonde Gets Red With Anger

Michael Madsen's tough guy movie persona isn't just in the movies. We tried to ask Michael Madsen about that alleged bust-up with his wife in a British hotel room earlier this month. Bad idea. See… READ MORE >

- 3457 days ago
Michael Madsen:  Whipped

Michael Madsen: Whipped

Michael Madsen allegedly threw such a hissy fit in a schmancy London hotel room that he had to take himself ... to the hospital. And if he was in a knockdown, drag-out that he lost, the victor was… READ MORE >

- 3474 days ago
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