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Quincy Jones

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Considered to be one of the greatest minds in music and television history, Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. was born on March 14, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Sarah Frances (Wells), a bank executive, and Quincy Delight Jones, Sr., a carpenter.Jones found his love for music while he was enrolled in grade school at Seattle's Garfield High School, this is also where he had met Ray Charles whom he later worked and became friends with. In 1951, Quincy Jones had won a scholarship to the Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Jones however dropped out when he got the opportunity to tour with Lionel Hampton's band as a trumpeter and conductor. Jones also worked for the European production of Harold Arlen's blues opera, Free and Easy in 1959. After Jones had worked on several projects overseas he returned to New York where he composed and arranged, and recorded for artists such as Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Dinah Washington, LeVern Baker, and Big Maybell. Jones was working with these artists while holding an executive position at Mercury Records, being one of the very few African Americans at the time to have such a position.In 1963, Quincy Jones won his first Grammy award for his Count Basie arrangement of "I Can't Stop Loving You". In 1964, by the request of director Sidney Lumet, Jones composed the music for his movie, The Pawnbroker. This would be the first of many Jones composed for film scores. By the mid-1960's Quincy Jones became the conductor and arranger for Frank Sinatra's orchestra. Jones also conducted and arranged one of Sinatra's most memorable songs, Fly Me To The Moon. Jones appeared on a lot of film credits for his music such as The Slender Thread, Walk, Don't Run, In Cold Blood, In The Heat Of The Night, A Dandy In Aspic, Mackenna's Gold, and The Italian Job. In 1972 Quincy Jones was the theme song composer for the hit-sitcom, Sanford And Son.Quincy Jones in 1978 worked on music for the Wiz, this is where he met icon, Michael Jackson. Jackson at the time was looking for a producer, Jones recommended some producers but in the end asked Jackson if he could do it, Jackson said yes. In 1982 as a result of this partnership, Jones had formed a tapestry with Jackson which was unbreakable it was called, Thriller. The Thriller album sold more than 100 million records world-wide. Jones continued working with Jackson with his Bad album in 1987. However after Jones recommended Jackson seek other producers to update his music. Jones referred Jackson to producer, Teddy Riley. This ended a partnership between two-greats, Jackson and Jones would never collaborate again.In 1981 Jones had an album called, The Dude. In 1985 Jones scored the film adaptation of The Color Purple. Jones also was a philanthropist, in 1985 gathering multiple stars to participate in the song We Are The World to help raise money to help the victims of the Ethopian disaster.In 1990 Jones composed a theme song for the new sitcom which was centered around Will Smith, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Jones was also the executive producer of the show.Quincy Jones will forever be remembered as someone who helped sculpt music in every form, he refined music and through the music he helped sculpt brought messages of peace, justice, love, funk, and hope.  See full bio on IMDb »

Quincy Jones to Oscars -- Let Me Address Diversity Or I'll Boycott Too!

Quincy Jones to Oscars
Let Me Address Diversity Or I'll Boycott Too!

Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee now have a powerful ally in Quincy Jones, who's flexing his influence with the Academy Awards to address its lack of black nominees.   The legendary… READ MORE >

Quincy Jones -- Hospitalized For Chest Pains

Quincy Jones
Hospitalized For Chest Pains

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones was rushed to an L.A. hospital Thursday for chest pains ... TMZ has learned.  Law enforcement tells TMZ, 82-year-old Jones was at his home in Bel-Air… READ MORE >

- 584 days ago
Quincy Jones Sues Michael Jackson Productions -- You're Ripping Me Off Royally

Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones says he's been double-crossed by Sony and Michael Jackson Productions (aka MJJ) ... claiming the 2 companies intentionally aced him out of his cut of Michael's music.Jones has sued… READ MORE >

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Joe Francis -- Quincy Jones Is LYING ... 'I SWEAR On My Life'

Joe Francis
Quincy Is LYING 'I SWEAR On My Life'

"Girls Gone Wild" honcho Joe Francis swears ... Steve Wynn threatened to end his life -- telling TMZ, Quincy Jones just LIED on the stand about Wynn's alleged murder plot in order to… READ MORE >

- 1691 days ago
Quincy Jones Testifies -- Joe Francis Is a LIAR!!! There Was No Murder Plot

Quincy Jones Testifies
Joe Francis Is a LIAR!!! There Was No Murder Plot

Quincy Jones just testified ... he NEVER saw an email from casino mogul Steve Wynn threatening to kill "Girls Gone Wild" honcho Joe Francis -- despite Francis' claims he was the target in a Wynn… READ MORE >

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Quincy Jones -- Screw It, I'm Crushing Joe Francis

Quincy Jones
SCREW IT I'm Crushing Joe Francis

Quincy Jones has had a change of heart -- he WILL  testify against "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis in a crazy lawsuit involving an alleged murder plot ... despite the fact that the… READ MORE >

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Quincy Jones -- Steve Wynn & Joe Francis Gave Me Heart Problems

Quincy Jones
Steve Wynn & Joe Francis Gave Me Heart Problems

Music legend Quincy Jones claims Steve Wynn and Joe Francis' legal war over an alleged murder plot has caused him "grave fear of his health" -- including difficulty breathing and heart… READ MORE >

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Quincy Jones -- Star Witness in Alleged Murder Plot

Quincy Jones
Star Witness in Alleged Murder Plot

Quincy Jones -- one of the most important people in the history of music and TV -- has been dragged into the center of an alleged murder plot involving two tycoons ... TMZ has learned. Quincy has… READ MORE >

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Quincy Jones Gets Noise Complaint

Quincy Jones Gets Noise Complaint

It's the unkindest cut of all. A man as big as Quincy Jones getting hauled into small claims court.An audio production dude claims he did $3,100 worth of work for Q over a two week period last… READ MORE >

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Award Losing Oscar Fashion

Award Losing
Oscar Fashion

Whether displaying the best in acting -- or the worst in fashion -- the Academy Awards never disappoint.From "Dreamgirls" to Bond girls, check out who channeled their inner Bjork at last night's… READ MORE >

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