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The Rock

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Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as The Rock, was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California, to Ata Johnson (born Feagaimaleata Fitisemanu Maivia) and Canadian-born professional wrestler Rocky Johnson (born Wayde Douglas Bowles). His father is black (of Black Nova Scotian descent), and his mother is of Samoan background (her own father was Peter Fanene Maivia, also a professional wrestler). While growing up, Dwayne traveled around a lot with his parents and watched his father perform in the ring. During his high school years, Dwayne began playing football and he soon received a full scholarship from the University of Miami, where he had tremendous success as a football player. In 1995, Dwayne suffered a back injury which cost him a place in the NFL. He then signed a three-year deal with the Canadian League but left after a year to pursue a career in wrestling. He made his wrestling debut in the USWA under the name Flex Kavanah where he won the tag team championship with Brett Sawyer. In 1996, Dwayne joined the WWE and became Rocky Maivia where he joined a group known as "The Nation of Domination" and turned heel. Rocky eventually took over leadership of the "Nation" and began taking the persona of The Rock. After the "Nation" split, The Rock joined another elite group of wrestlers known as the "Corporation" and began a memorable feud with Steve Austin. Soon the Rock was kicked out of the "Corporation". He turned face and became known as "The Peoples Champion". In 2000, the Rock took time off from WWE to film his appearance in The Mummy Returns (2001). He returned in 2001 during the WCW/ECW invasion where he joined a team of WWE wrestlers at The Scorpion King (2002), a prequel to The Mummy Returns (2001). Dwayne has a daughter, Simone Alexandra, born in 2001, with his ex-wife Dany Garcia, and a daughter, Jasmine, born in 2015, with his partner, singer and songwriter Lauren Hashian.  See full bio on IMDb »

The Rock Donates $25k to Houston Relief, Shades Kevin Hart

The Rock
Donates $25k to Houston Relief Shades Kevin Hart

The Rock has stepped up to the plate in a big way, accepting Kevin Hart's challenge and donating $25k to the Houston relief effort, but in the process he made a point about calling out celebs by… READ MORE >

Kevin Hart Shames Celebrities to Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Kevin Hart
Shames Celebs Donate Big Bucks to Harvey Relief

Kevin Hart is donating $25k for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, which is awesome ... but he's also calling out specific celebrities to match his gift, which is not necessarily awesome. Hart… READ MORE >

- 30 days ago
The Rock Covers Up Iconic Bull Tattoo with Bigger Bull Tattoo

The Rock
Covers Up Iconic Bull Tat ... with Bigger Bull Tat

The reign of The Rock's famous bull tattoo is OVER.  Long live the reign of his new one.  He calls it "Evolution of the Bull" -- 22 hours of tattoo work to cover up the famous bull head… READ MORE >

- 46 days ago
Big Show Says Bautista's the Next Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson of Hollywood

Big Show
Bautista Will Be As Big As The Rock ... 'Just a Matter of Timing'

Does Big Show think Dave Bautista has what it takes to rival The Rock as the biggest actor in Hollywood?? READ MORE >

- 88 days ago
Mick Foley Says 'The Rock for President,' I Believe He Can Seriously Win (VIDEO)

Mick Foley
'The Rock for Prez' ... I'm Dead Serious.

Mick Foley says his old WWE tag team partner, The Rock, would make a GREAT President -- and he seriously hopes Dwayne Johnson runs for office in 2020.  This is not a joke! After The Rock… READ MORE >

- 138 days ago
Vin Diesel Says He'd Beat The Rock Down In REAL Fight (VIDEO)

Vin Diesel
Says He'd Beat The Rock Down ... In REAL Fight

If Vin Diesel and The Rock came to blows, Vin is adamant he'd whoop Rock's candy ass all the way back to the WWE ... and he's serious. Just ask UFC champ Tyron Woodley -- who says he was… READ MORE >

- 158 days ago
Tyrese Gibson Says There'll Be More 'Fast & Furious' ... It's Like Flipping Houses! (VIDEO)

Tyrese Gibson
There'll Be More 'Fast & Furious' It's Like Flipping Houses!

Don't worry about The Rock and Vin Diesel's old beef standing in the way of future 'Fast & Furious' flicks 'cause the money train can't be stopped ... according to their co-star, Tyrese.… READ MORE >

- 161 days ago
The Rock Will Do Next 'Fast and the Furious' Movie, Beef with Vin Diesel Squashed

The Rock
He's Doing Next 'Fast and the Furious' Flick Beef with Vin Diesel Squashed

The Rock and Vin Diesel have buried the hatchet and both will star in the next installment of the insanely popular 'Fast and the Furious' franchise ... sources involved in the production tell TMZ.… READ MORE >

- 162 days ago
The Rock Flips Kevin Hart Off on Live TV at People's Choice Awards (VIDEO)

The Rock
Lets a Finger Slip ... 'Saluting' Kevin Hart

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got busted giving Kevin Hart the bird on live TV, but to be fair ... Kevin kind of had it coming. Hart had just finished thanking all of his co-stars for winning… READ MORE >

- 251 days ago
Dave Bautista -- THE ROCK 4 PREZ ... 'Better Candidate Than F***ing Trump' (VIDEO)

Dave Bautista
THE ROCK 4 PREZ 'Better Candidate Than F***ing Trump'

The Rock already has a major celebrity supporter if he REALLY decides to run for the White House -- his old WWE buddy Dave Bautista ... who says Rock is a "better candidate than f**king Trump!" READ MORE >

- 309 days ago
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