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Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is a television news personality and conservative political commentator. She was ousted from TheBlaze after she said she was in favor of abortion rights during a March 17, 2017 appearance on “The View.” The host reached a settlement to end her wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck and TheBlaze. She was countersued by her former employer in April 2017 because the network claimed she was suspended, not fired, for bad behavior which included unapproved public appearances and mistreating co-workers. She has also vocally shared and defended her perspective on race, feminism, “fake news,” and the “Muslim ban.” Lahren graduated from the University of Nevada in 2014 and quickly got her own show, “On Point With Tomi Lahren,” in August 2014 on One America News Network. Her rant against President Barack Obama following the Chattanooga shootings went viral in 2015, thus increasing her profile. A few months after that, in October 2015, “Tomi” premiered on TheBlaze. She previously interned for Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem and acted as an unofficial adviser on Trump’s social media team during his campaign. She was born on August 11, 1992.

Tomi Lahren to Megyn Kelly: Haters Gonna Hate Because You're Still Conservative

Tomi Lahren to Megyn Kelly
Haters Gon' Hate Because You're Still a Conservative

Tomi Lahren subscribes to this theory -- you can take Megyn Kelly out of FOX News but you can't take the conservative out of Megyn ... and that's why she's struggling at NBC. We… READ MORE >

Tomi Lahren Claims Victory Over Chelsea Handler at Politicon

Tomi Lahren
Claims Victory ... Chelsea's Coming Right!

Tomi Lahren 1, Chelsea Handler 0 -- at least that's how Tomi had her liberal-conservative showdown scored. We got Tomi leaving Politicon in Pasadena, and asked her if the debate --… READ MORE >

- 79 days ago
Tomi Lahren & Chelsea Handler's Healthcare 'Debate' at Politicon

Tomi Lahren
Who Needs Healthcare? I've Got Mom & Dad!

Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren's debate wasn't as contentious or bitchy as most had hoped -- but it did reveal Tomi hasn't fully fled her parents' nest. The liberal-conservative showdown… READ MORE >

- 80 days ago
Tomi Lahren Says Trump Supporters Will Get Revenge on Sen. John McCain

Tomi Lahren
Trump Will Get Revenge on McCain

Tomi Lahren says the big payback is already in the works for Sen. John McCain ... courtesy of President Trump's supporters. The conservative firebrand warmed up for her Politicon showdown… READ MORE >

- 81 days ago
Tomi Lahren Settles Legal War with Glenn Beck, The Blaze

Tomi Lahren
Settles Suit with Beck ... I'm Leaving WITH My FB Followers!

Tomi Lahren has settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against Glenn Beck, and she's leaving with millions ... of social media followers.  Tomi sued Beck and TheBlaze after she was… READ MORE >

- 169 days ago
Glenn Beck Fires Back at Tomi Lahren in Countersuit, She Wasn't Fired, She Was Just Bad at Her Job

Glenn Beck to Tomi Lahren
You Weren't Fired ... You Were Just Bad at Your Job

As far as Glenn Beck is concerned, Tomi Lahren is still an employee at his network, TheBlaze, and she's the one who breached her contract. Beck and TheBlaze filed a countersuit against its former… READ MORE >

- 183 days ago
Tomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck Claiming He Fired and Smeared Her for Being Pro-Choice

Tomi Lahren
Sues Glenn Beck He Fired and Smeared Me for Being Pro-Choice

Tomi Lahren says her personal opinions became the trigger for a vendetta by the folks at TheBlaze where they literally put an X on her dressing room door and launched a public smear campaign… READ MORE >

- 193 days ago
Tomi Lahren's Facebook Followers Could Be Collateral Damage in TheBlaze Exit

Tomi Lahren
I Wanna Keep My Facebook Fans! But TheBlaze Ain't Budging

Tomi Lahren has millions on the line in her negotiations to exit TheBlaze ... as in Facebook followers. Sources familiar with the negotiations between Tomi and Blaze brass tell us… READ MORE >

- 203 days ago
Tomi Lahren Negotiating Exit From TheBlaze After Being Banned

Tomi Lahren
Negotiating Exit From Blaze

Tomi Lahren and TheBlaze are finished with each other, and they're now deep in negotiations to settle up. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, after Glenn Beck suspended Tomi over her… READ MORE >

- 204 days ago
Tomi Lahren Suspension ... Her Side Says Glenn Beck Was Jealous, His Says She's a Traitor

Tomi Lahren Suspension
Her Side Says Glenn's Jealous ... His Says She's a Traitor

Tomi Lahren is either a sellout who betrayed the people with whom she works or just so successful her boss is lashing out at her in envy ... these are the 2 sides of the coin in Tomi's suspension… READ MORE >

- 211 days ago
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