Stavros' Lovesick Crying Tantrum

5/4/2006 3:26 PM PDT

Stavros' Lovesick Crying Tantrum

After the breakup, Stavros Niarchos arrived at Paris Hilton's house early Monday morning and later went on a screaming and yelling rant.

The photographers who were camped outside her house tell TMZ that Stavros arrived around 1a.m. and spent an hour crying and ringing her door bell, begging to be let in. At one point, Stavros was spotted sprawled out on her driveway.

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Around 2 am Paris finally let him in and the screaming continued. We are told they were so loud the fight could be heard outside the house. Stavros was heard hollering "Take me back!" and "I give you everything!!" Sources say during the fight Matt Leinart's name was brought up a few times.

We are also told Paris was overheard trying to calm down the rich Greek by saying "Take it easy" and "Go home and get some sleep."

During the night, a cab came and went three times, but each time left without the shipping heir. Finally, around 8 in the morning, Stavros got in a cab and headed out.

The plot thickens as Paris and Stavros were seen out Wednesday night together and sources tell us the two wound up spending the night at her house, leaving us to wonder are they apart... or not?

Paris' rep Elliot Mintz confirmed that Paris and Stavros have split, but "remain good friends" and would "not doubt that they would be seen together out or at dinner" in the future. He added that Paris had only "good and warm feelings" for Stavros. As for Stavros, TMZ could not reach a rep for comment.