Blunt Makes Nemcova Feel Sexy

6/26/2006 4:20 PM PDT

Blunt Makes Nemcova Feel Sexy

During the photo shoot for her new Rampage ad campaign, model Petra Nemcova had the music of boyfriend James Blunt blasting in the background.

"Everybody seems to love it here and they know the words...with the music you get into it more and you can feel more sexy," says a clearly giddy Nemcova of her man's music.

The Sports Illustrated model is also very excited about her new ad campaign. "It's very glamorous, sophisticated, sensual," she says, "and it will elevate the Rampage brand much higher. We're doing very sophisticated, hard lighting, shooting at Pier 59 in New York City this time, not on the beach, it's fall."

Looks like you'll have to wait until the next Swimsuit issue to see Petra in a bikini, but until then, this steamy photo shoot should definitely fulfill any Nemcova cravings you might have.