Paris' Top Three World Cup Hotties

6/29/2006 4:10 PM PDT

Paris' Top Three World Cup Hotties

Paris Hilton has been doing some serious thinking...about World Cup Soccer players.
The heiress announced her rank of who she considers the hottest World Cup players. Coming in third- England's irresistible 31year-old David Beckham, clearly in last place for her as he's already taken by Posh Spice (although that's never stopped Paris before.) Second  is 29 year-old Swedish Calvin Klein model Fredrik Ljungberg. Paris #1 choice? Team Germany's 21 year-old Adidas model Lukas Podolski. What do all of these hotties have in common? They're all blonde and models, just like Paris. See pictures of the hot guys here.

Fredrik LJungberg, David Beckham and Lukas Podolski.

Check out Paris talking to a German TV station about her love life. Watch out Germany, she's on the prowl!

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