Luke's Case of the 'Ex'

7/19/2006 11:51 AM PDT

Luke's Case of the 'Ex'

Luke and Rainn Wilson, no relation, co-star in the new comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend," which finds Uma Thurman as a jilted ex who uses her superhero powers to get back at a former flame. Luke plays the man in question and admitted he's definitely had his own run-ins with crazy women in his dating past.

"We had broken up a couple of weeks before and she was standing over my bed, and it really scared me, really. She had gotten into the house somehow, we didn't lock the house, that didn't help in the break in ... I just woke up and she was glaring at me, it was one of those things, I woke up and thought something doesn't feel right." While a creepy experience, Luke and Rainn's reenactment of the events during the press junket is anything but.

Luke also offered one easy out when dealing with potentially mental ex-lovers: "This is really hard for me to say, this relationship has been great but I'm gay."

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" opens this Friday.