Matt and Lance's Dangerous Dip

8/9/2006 1:37 PM PDT

Matt and Lance's Dangerous Dip

Miami Beach's Beach Patrol Ocean Rescue had to insist that Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong get out of unsafe water. A fierce rain storm was pounding the coast, and the water was extremely choppy and rough.

Matt and Lance had been determined to go running along the beach and refused to let even the most intense weather conditions stop them. The wild waves were no deterrent either, as the guys and their friends jumped into the angry surf for a little dip.

That's when the lifeguards jumped into action, warning the stars about the dangerous conditions and ordering them to come to safety ashore. Good thing Matt and Lance listened to their advice, the team reported a busy day, with several rescues and numerous swimmers not listening to their warnings.

If they hadn't listened, however, we guarantee there would be more than enough volunteers to give both guys mouth-to-mouth!