The Men in The Donald's Life

8/16/2006 2:13 PM PDT

The Men in The Donald's Life

Batman had Alfred. Diddy had Farnsworth Bentley. And America had "Mr. Belvedere." But if you are a real estate mogul like Donald Trump, one butler just won't do.

TMZ has learned that The Donald has not one but three full-time manservants at his disposal. One based in New York. One at his ultra exclusive Palm Beach luxury estate Mar-A-Lago. And one that travels with "The Apprentice" star wherever he goes.

To avoid hearing the dreaded words "You're Fired!", each butler's personality must correspond with whether Trump is in work (NY), vacation (Palm Beach) or travel mode.

With all the help surrounding Donald, it's a shame the billionaire still can't seem to get any assistance in the hair department.